Saturday, June 16, 2018


More bears and plush this month!

This is the Charlie Year Bear 2018. She's a plumo, which means she's plush and mohair. The muzzle and ear lining is where the mohair is.

She's unusual-looking, because she has quite a long snout, but I like her.

Her torso and head fur is super soft!

Thanks to a friend, I was able to get two things my local Targets never got.

The first is Nalini, the tiger from Hearts For Hearts Girls. They randomly added her to the line and then barely spoke a word about her when asked. Odd.

The second was the lavender-haired Koe from Shibajuku Girls Wave 3 that I reviewed here.

Who Mee? is a bear I've wanted for quite a while. I imported him from the UK via ebay.

He's got long, skinny arms and legs with big paws, a skinny body and an oversized head. He's really adorable and unique.

Taggle was an unplanned purchase from my stockist during her Cinco de Mayo sale. I'm glad I invested in him, because my purchase won me a $25 Amazon gift certificate in the prize draw!

Taggle is made up of nine different plush and he's super awesome. I hope to get Raggle (they're Raggle Taggle) in the next couple months.

I picked up Daffy at the farther Target and wish I'd gotten Bugs, too. My store only has one lone Taz.

I've always loved Looney Tunes. It's just classic stuff.

I picked up this pretty Taranee doll from the Chinese seller I've gotten some great older Giochi Preziosi finds from.

I always preferred the older faces for the W.I.T.C.H. girls except for Hay Lin, but now that it's been years, I wouldn't mind having a new face version of each character.

I really loved this particular Taranee outfit, so I chose her from this line.

Macaroon was a UK exclusive Charlie Bear for ages, then he appeared in Australia. Finally, they put him on the CB Direct website where Americans could order and I got him after months of wanting him.

Sadly though, I haven't really bonded with him, but there's plenty of time for that.


I'm obsessed with the new Ducktales and these four plush from Shop Disney do not disappoint.


The new Hasbro Pocahontas finally appeared in my area and she honestly puts the old one to shame. (Left is the original, right is the new)

Poor thing just looks goofy standing by the new girl.

And I got the new Mulan from Amazon, because no stores around here had her. I love how teeny she is!

Pink is my least favorite color for her, but that dress is still gorgeous.

She and Merida are the standouts from the new line.

More Disney goodies!

Shop Disney sold out of Angel, so I got her from an ebay seller, who also hooked me up with Stitch, both for cheaper prices than the actual Disney website.

I love my fellow Floridians who are basically Disney parks personal shoppers.

Squishable's mini Japanese dragon was a must have.

I backed Tasty Peach Studios' cake foxes on Kickstarter and my Marble arrived in May.


I picked up a lot of Fingerlings minis in May. I have 20, I think? I need to photograph them all!

So much cuter than the big ones.

And finally, I got my first mohair Charlie Bears! These little cuties are only 7" tall, but they're all mohair, no plush.

I opted not to mention all the things I reviewed, so this is barely any dolls, but you know they were there, too!

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