Thursday, June 7, 2018

REVIEW: Boxy Girls Nomi

I went back to the farther Walmart today to pick up Nomi. I examined the fashion packs, too, but I didn't see any with multiple Nomi boxes showing, so I think they're the ones I've already had.

Nomi is the Ambiguously Brown Girl of the line. Only she's actually kinda orange. It's what kept me from getting her last week, but then I ended up falling for the line, so I needed everyone and here I am with Miss Orange now.

She's my least favorite of the four. Her stock stuff is kinda all over the place.

So she's got an animal print top with a pink glittery skirt and silver sneakers. None of these pieces go together. The only things that might arguably work together are the pretty silver leaf headband and the skirt, but even that's a stretch for me, since that shade of pink works better with gold.

Do her accessories help? Not really.

Also, be careful brushing her hair. Mine had a snarl in one of the ponytails trailing from the buns and yanked almost the entire bun out. It was pretty easy to fix, but still.

Where in the world do the bright green earrings and box purse fit in? They don't.

The silver charm bracelet goes nicely with the headband though.

Meh to the hair extension. I always just toss those aside.

The shoes are super cute and have promise, but they're not just pink. They've got a purple tone that brings yet another color in here.

Maybe Nomi's thing is that she just clashes all the time.

Not on my shelf.

So it was time for redressing.

Nomi: Stock headband, charm bracelet, skirt and shoes. Riley's stock earrings. Brooklyn's stock shell purse. Fashion pack purple top.

Riley: Nomi's stock top. Everything else is from the fashion packs.

Willa: Fully in her own stock.

Brooklyn: Her own stock plus Nomi's stock earrings.

I love these girls! I hate that we'll have to wait a while for more. Unless there really is another fashion pack out there. Anyone find a fourth?


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