Wednesday, July 26, 2017

REVIEW: Star Wars Forces of Destiny Sabine Wren

I'm gonna say it right now: I'm not a huge Star Wars fan. I've seen the original trilogy and the second trilogy, and I have several action figures, vintage plush Ewoks and even a couple dolls, but I've never been that into it. I mostly like the alien character designs, especially the women.

So I'm not the best person for these new Forces of Destiny dolls, but I knew I'd likely be buying Sabine Wren when they came out.


Well, she has several things I like.

She's got short hair.

It's an unusual color.

She's got a great sass face with a lovely nose.

And she's dressed like a badass.

Target had these girls out for $19.99 each. The Leia/Wicket set is a whopping $34.99.

Sabine has an awesome helmet that fits her head easily. Her hair sticks out a little, but you can futz with that.

This line is going to be difficult for those that can't handle molded clothing, because they are literally a giant action figure with a doll-like head with rooted hair and then a piece of fabric clothing or so.

Sabine has two blasters that fit into the holsters in her belt and easily fit into her hands. Her fingers even sit on the triggers. She also has an action feature if you twist her waist, just like an action figure would.

Sabine's entire torso is molded clothing with three orange and one blue...armor pieces? Something. The lower orange ones do not like to stay on.

Her belt, pants, kneepads and boots are all removable, though I opted to skip the photos. I'm fine with showing naked dolls, but there's something odd about a molded shirt, pantsless doll. Ha.

Sabine's face is awesome. I love her sassy expression. and that nose! I'm a sucker for a good nose.

She can even hold her helmet on her hip. Sort of. I tried!

So anyway, like I said, I'm not huge into Star Wars and I don't see myself spending a ton of money on this line, but give me something unique enough and I'll buy it. I actually want to go back for Rey, because she was so dang cute.



  1. Not a big Star Wars Fan either. (Only saw the new trilogy and the Force Awakens) but the dolls caught my eyes for the awesome outfits. (Girls that look actually combat ready? Gimme.). I really want her, even though I know nothing about her.

  2. At least there are some with all-cloth outfits, like Leia and Rey, and the Chewbacca that's going to be in this line looks really interesting, considering he's covered with "real" fur.