Thursday, July 20, 2017

NEWS: DC Superhero Girls

It's Cheetah Day! I'm happy they gave us both Cheetah reveals in one day.

The signature doll, as I'm calling this one, is awesome. Her jacket has pink sleeves, like in the show. The SDCC version has black sleeves, although the orange cuffs are better on the SDCC doll's sleeves. Her sneakers are plain orange, as opposed to the spotted ones on the SDCC doll. She does not have the orange stripe on her pants like the SDCC doll. Her belt is plastic as opposed to part of the bodysuit. So between the two of them, they make the show outfit, but neither alone is a perfect representation of it. You'd need the SDCC bodysuit and sneakers, but the signature doll's jacket, although the SDCC doll's jacket has the proper cuffs. So there really is no way to make a perfect show Cheetah.

Not that I really care about teeny details. I'll be leaving both of mine in their stock outfits or maybe removing the SDCC doll's jacket to show off the outfit underneath better.

Like Katana, the signature doll has different eyes than the SDCC. They're looking straight forward, as opposed to the SDCC's side glance. I love both faces and both manage to convey Cheetah's snarky personality.

I'll definitely be buying this doll, even though I'm also getting the SDCC one.

Cheetah also gets an action figure release that's a better representation of her show costume than both dolls.

I think the action figures are getting better and better, as I've stated here before, and Cheetah's another great one.

Can't wait to have her on my shelves to annoy my other figures!

These make for a nice pair of reveals for the first day of SDCC. I'm looking forward to more tomorrow.

PHOTO CREDITS: Screenshots I made from the videos posted on the DCSG official Facebook.

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