Saturday, July 22, 2017

REVIEW: Monster High Garden Ghouls Cleo

I ordered one of each Garden Ghoul from the Mattel Shop, taking what I consider a massive risk, because two of the three characters are two of the ones that most often have wonky eyes (Cleo and Toralei).

The dolly gods were smiling upon me though, because both Cleo and Toralei only have minor issues. Twyla is actually the one that's flawed, only I didn't even notice it right away. I don't mind it, so I'm not sure I'll upgrade her once they come into stores, but I might.

I love fairies. I'm definitely a sucker for that. I have Winx Club, Disney Fairies, Cottingley Glen fairies, Flower Fairies, Star Fairies, and other ornaments hanging all over my bedroom walls. I have one bookcase that is shelf after shelf of Disney Fairies and Winx Club.

So when Monster High decided to do a garden fairy line with a bug theme, I was automatically sold. And when they stuck three of my top favorite characters in it, I was positively gleeful. I wish the line was bigger and used some older characters so I could have a giant Marisol fairy and an Isi fairy and a Jinafire fairy. I could go on. Heh.

So anyway, let's look at Cleo.

The wings are made of a nice thick plastic. They're actually the best quality wings on any fairy doll I have. Their movement is good and they're so sturdy. It's amazing. I love good sturdy wings, because it helps with display a lot. They're on thick pegs and slide in easily.

The shape, colors and molded details are beautiful. Cleo is a scarab beetle and her wings have echoes of ancient Egyptian art, as they well should.

My only real wish for her is that instead of pink, they'd used red. Pink wasn't exactly a thing in ancient Egypt and red would have been paired with these colors. However, I also like the softer look of the makeup for her, so it's not a huge complaint.

I do want to offer a word of warning. If you are hair picky, you may not like this line. Their hair is nylon. I'm pretty sure. It feels different than typical MH hair, but it's not bad by a long shot. Cleo and Toralei's is really nice, because straight nylon is usually decent quality. Twyla's is a little less so, but it's not horrid by any means.

But still, it's a different hair. You've been warned.

The joints are also the new thicker style, which I really don't like. I hated it on Electrified Venus and I hate it here, too. Sigh.

Cleo's glasses are super cute! They're a little big for her face though. I've had to squeeze them twice to make them fit better and I'm afraid of doing it too often, because they'll snap and I don't want that.

Cleo has spectacular shoes, as per usual.

Overall, this is a really beautiful Cleo doll with gorgeous details and a unique color scheme that is not typical for her. She's well worth buying.


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