Saturday, July 22, 2017

NEWS: DC Superhero Girls

Okay, first point: I think it's a travesty that Starfire gets a third more deluxe doll when Bumblebee, Harley and Ivy only have two dolls apiece and one of them is basic, and Katana also only has two dolls, even if both are good quality and one is even more than deluxe. Do not ignore four of your original seven main characters, Mattel.

Second point: We still need more new characters and less repeats.

But third point: This is easily the best Starfire yet.

Where Wondy's outfit went wrong, Starfire's goes right. The skirt is a nice fit with the transparent layer poofing out around it, which gives the outfit some size that nicely balances the necklace and belt. Even though she has three plastic pieces, she doesn't look overloaded like Wondy did.

Her outfit is just so pretty! And her shoes are spectacular. Like the purse and mask, too.

And she has a pretty new hairstyle. She's just awesome.

Now we just need Harley in this line. Harley Harley Harley please please please. And not Supergirl or Batgirl!

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