Sunday, July 23, 2017

NEWS: DC Superhero Girls


I mean, I was earlier when I saw the Harley silhouette, but she is SO FREAKIN' CUTE.

I love the outfit. Love that she has little shoes on and not sneakers. Love how the painted legs look underneath them.

Really love the collar and the top of the dress.

I'm so glad I was right in thinking Harley belonged in this line. She's the best one.

She looks like a little tightrope walker or something. It's just so fab.

Wonder Woman is the dull one from this line and Starfire is very beautiful, but this is the heart of the line right here and I can't wait to get her on my shelf!

And yes, I do think Harley would put a mask over a mask.

It's Harley.

Oh, and Monster High showed a Howleen so bad I'm not wasting blog space on her. It looks like they slapped a horrible wig on her and her hair is freakin' pink again, which I despise. Check their Facebook if you want to see her.

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