Friday, July 21, 2017

NEWS: DC Superhero Girls

Today's reveal for DCSG is a Masquerade Wonder Woman.

Not nearly as exciting as Cheetah, but not horrid either.

I don't know who designs the outfits for DCSG, but I'd love that job to go to someone else. The Intergalactic Gala outfits were kind of a mess except Starfire's and now this. I feel like there's just too much going on. The chunky gold necklace would have been better as a toned down choker. The belt could have been either eliminated or made smaller. There's just too much plastic here, along with her bracelets and tiara.

The shoes, however, are fabulous, and I love that they finally did something different with her hair, even if it is just a simple ponytail.

In this screenshot, she's cuter. The first one is not helped by the awkward pose they stuck her in.

And that purse! So cute!

I think this is a neat idea. I'm always a masquerade fan. But I'm more looking forward to seeing other characters and their designs.

And if Harley isn't included in this line, it will be a complete and utter calamity.

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