Friday, July 28, 2017

REVIEW: Descendants 2 Cotillion/Royal Yacht Ball Uma

Okay, now we can move on to the good Uma.

This one actually captures the look from the movie quite well.

The dress is exquisite. It's on par with Cotillion Mal's easily. I prefer Mal's because, you know, purple and black, but this is stunning, too.

Most importantly though, to me anyway, is that her face is better. It's the same mold, but her eyes look so much better than my sig doll's.

Like she looks cute! She still doesn't capture China right. I think her lips should be fuller and her eyes more hooded. But still a vast improvement on the signature.

The updo is an improvement for the hair, too, because it's not as glaring obvious that the style is wrong.

I love her hair ornament and the shell dangling earrings are pretty. I hoped they were jellyfish at first, but no. Shells with dangles.

Her makeup I think is part of what helps her face. She is still almost wall-eyed, but the eyeshadow actually on her lids and not around her eyes makes her look better.

Love the detailing on the dress top. It's so pretty!

Like Mal, Uma has molded, painted gloves. There's a lot of detail on them that doesn't show up in photos. Check them out in person.

Her purse is lovely, but the bracelet. I want that bracelet for me! In silver though. Ha.

Her shoes are nice. I think better than Mal's, because Mal's could have benefitted from some purple. I love the black and the cutouts on these.

Once I got Uma on my shelf, I decided to try to find a shell necklace for her. I thought Lagoona might have one, but a lot of my Lagoonas have been sold or I can't get to them easily.

But I did find this nice little octopus necklace that matches nicely! I was a little worried it cut off her neck, since I was enjoying actually seeing her neck on this doll, but I think it looks okay. It's better in person. The photo isn't the best angle, but you have to shoot Descendants a certain way or the flash hits their eyes.

I also found a black tentacle MH piece that was some hair accessory. Well, not anymore.

I think they missed an opportunity by not having an Uma with her tentacles, so at least I could give her a little hint at what's underneath the surface. 

So as much as I complained about poor sig Uma, I absolutely love Cotillion Uma. If you can only buy one, pick her.


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