Monday, July 17, 2017

NEWS: Monster High Cleo & Ghoulia pack available now!


The website says free shipping over $39, but I ordered two of these and did not get free shipping. I'm going to write and ask about it, but it's probably an exception to the offer or something lame like that.

This set was not supposed to release until Wednesday, but they're available for order now and the page says "in stock." I have not gotten an order confirmation yet, but the total is being held for authorization in my bank account, so I think everything went through okay.

I just pray I get one good Cleo out of the two sets! I don't care much about Ghoulia, as her glasses can hide eye errors a bit, but I need Cleo to be perfect.


  1. I totally missed them ��.I was waiting for today. They're not in stock anymore. Sad.

    1. Keep refreshing the page. Technically, they're not even supposed to be on sale until tomorrow. I just looked at it and the add to cart button was red, then looked again and it was gray. It changes constantly.

      I still have no clue if my order went through or not, but they changed the authorization hold on my money from 7/17-7/17 to 7/18-7/23, so I think that's a good sign.

    2. Definitely keep trying. I just bought another set and the order went through normally this time. I got the email confirmation and everything. So now we'll see if I get three sets or one.