Friday, July 28, 2017

REVIEW: Descendants 2 Cotillion/Royal Yacht Ball Mal

Before I started the long process of deboxing and photographing, I asked on Flickr who you guys wanted to see most. Cotillion Mal got the first call out, so here she is.

I am definitely a Mal fan so perhaps I'm biased, but this is my favorite of all the dolls I got today. And my favorite Mal ever made.

I've been part of the goth community for years, so this wonderful purple dress with layers with burnt black edges and bother black detailing sings to my little gothy heart. Yeah, even with the bottom glittery layer, it still does. Ha.

Mal has wavy hair to go along with her new bangs. Her hair is good quality and soft.

She has lighter pink makeup on, but it works well because darker would have fought with the dress for attention and the dress is what deserves it.

She wears a little tiny tiara with dragon detailing. I left this attached to her head, because it's just on one of those little comb bits, like Jane's original hair accessory and I have bad luck keeping those in.

This picture doesn't show anything new, but she's just so pretty that I left it in.

The collar piece was strapped down with a plastic rubberband, but it stays in place nicely without it, so I tossed it.

I like the earrings, but wish they didn't blend in with her hair so much. A little bit darker purple would have been better.

I love the details on her gloves. These have to be properly appreciated in person, because my photos won't catch the molded details very well.

The bracelet is lovely.

Purse, too! I just love when they go nuts with the dragon details for her.

Lovely shoes. With Ever After High's disappearance and Monster High's decline, Descendants is the new go-to line for themed-detailing, that's for sure.

Like I said, this is my fave Mal ever. She's absolutely stunning in person and I don't think my pics do her justice. Get her, debox her, display her, love her.



  1. Hey!! I need some help and would really appreciate it if you could please help me! It's not hard! I plan on buying a Mal Cotillion Doll and am wanting to buy/make clothes for her but I don't know how wide/tall/size she is. I'm going to need a visual to make this work and was wondering if you could please just send me pictures of her undressed in the front, back, and one side! I would appreciate it so so much! I'm a visual kind of person! This would help me so much! Thanks and please reply! :-)

    1. Don't you need measurements around to sew? Why not just wait until you get your doll? It'll be easiest to measure her when she's on hand.