Thursday, July 27, 2017

REVIEW: Star Wars Forces of Destiny Rey

So yeah, I've got Rey now.

I decided to check the farther Target to see if they were making any reset progress.

The answer is no, although they did have Rey, Sabine and the other one, but no Leia set unlike my Target. They also had the new Li'l Shoppies singles, so I bought two of those (Ballinda and Kiki Creme).

Anyway, I was really wanting Rey after yesterday, so I looked at the four this store had and this one really stuck out. The other Reys were more like "I'm not pleased with you," but this Rey is like "Imma beat you with this here stick."

So extra-pissy Rey came home with me and now I need to see if her movie is on demand for viewing later tonight.

Rey is like Sabine in that she's basically a giant molded action figure, although Rey is even moreso. Her fabric bits are that drapery and her arm warmers, so she's full-on with the molded outfit.

I apologize because this is not going to be a proper review. It took me a couple minutes to get her hands to hold the staff properly and I am not removing it! So check her out around the staff. Ha.

Rey's action feature is doing a twisting motion that makes her smack another action figure with the staff.

Her little pack is very detailed. The staff actually comes with a strap so she can sling it across her back or shoulder if she's not holding it, but again, I'm not removing it from her hands, so I folded up the strap and those are the bits sticking out of the pack.

Her hair is really nicely done. I like the little series of knots. Series of buns? Whatever. I'm not good with hair terms. I don't have much hair.

Her face is a good cartoon rendition of Daisy Ridley. She's super cute, but also gonna kick your butt.

And this is when I noticed there's a hair stuck to her cheek.

I'm going to conclude this review and go get that off her face.

So. Rey. $19.99. Badass. Love her.

I'm gonna end up with more of these than I planned, aren't I?


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