Wednesday, July 12, 2017

REVIEW: More Enchantimals

Ah, finally back! I got quite sick and that laid me up for awhile, then this week was my first back at work afterward, so I got worn out more easily and didn't have as much time for fun stuff.

But now I'm back and I can catch up on my reviews.

My TRU hasn't gotten Karina Koala in, so when she popped on Amazon for $7.99, I grabbed her.

Karina was near the bottom of my faves list when the promos came out. Koalas are plenty cute, but they're decidedly gray and I didn't think she needed to be pinkified, especially because we already had an unnaturally pink rabbit in the first batch of basics.

In person though, Karina is surprisingly endearing. I like the shade of pink they picked for her hair and her body is a pearly pale gray.

Her bamboo-printed top with suspenders is pretty cute. The boots are a little clunky, but that's how the shoes in this line seem to be. They're either cute, more intricately-designed shoes or they're clunky boots. Sage is the only one whose boots don't seem clunky, which is funny, because as the edgier one, she's the one who could best pull off clunky boots.

Anyway. Long story short, I like Karina a lot more than I expected to. She's not Sage or Merit or Lorna, but she's up higher than a few others I didn't plan on her topping.

Also, her koala has a ridiculous amount of attitude.

Sass pet right there.

When I got Karina, I noticed that Bren's set was also in stock. She was the only one, aside from the big playset, that I hadn't picked up in my TRU.

I didn't care for the specific one in my store, so I decided to take the risk and order.

The set I got from Amazon is decidedly better. The one in my store has eyes set way too high. This one's eyes are still a bit high, but not that bad and definitely not worth doing a return.


The art of this character is way cuter than the actual doll. Like a lot of the Enchantimals art is really super cute, but this one's a lot cuter than the product. 

I liked her better in promos. The big white splotch on her face just does not do anything for her. It makes it really hard to take a decent photo of her. And it doesn't make any sense, because when I think of a brown bear, I certainly don't slap a white blob in the middle of its face. 

She's a little better without the stupid fur piece, but it's still very distracting. 

I quite like the outfit print she has though. 

The pet bears are quite cute, though not the cutest pets in the line. 

My favorite thing about this set is actually the picnic basket. Its lid is on hinges and can close and it's a good size for larger dolls, too. 

There are two little pegs, one on each flap of the lid, that the bears can secure to, as you can see a few photos above. 

So Karina gets a surprisingly recommendation from me, while I'm deeming Bren's set skippable. 


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