Wednesday, June 28, 2017

REVIEW: Enchantimals Fluffy Bunny and Danessa Deer 2-pack

I bought this set on Amazon and it arrived today. It is currently out of stock except with overpriced dealers, but I got it for $19.99 and then for some reason, there was an automatic $4 coupon, so the total came to $17.11.

I think the majority of the Enchantimals are fairly-priced. This is the only smaller set I think a bit high. The other packs with a doll, 2 pets and accessories are only $12.99, so you're paying $7 more for one more doll. Which I suppose is the cost of one single doll, but still something feels off.

Not that I'm really complaining, but let's just say that I'm only going to be buying the 2-packs if I like one of the dolls a LOT. And I like Danessa a LOT. Fluffy is an improvement on Bree, so I like her, too, but Danessa's one of my main faves.

The box art is once again adorable.

Here are Fluffy and Danessa. The whole set was pretty easy to debox, although I rolled my eyes at the hats. They've each got multiple ear holes to use to string plastic bands through, but no, they've got to punch the stupid plastic tabs through the hat itself instead. Typical. 

My Fluffy's eyes are a bit askew, but Danessa is perfect and who knows when these will show in stores, so I decided Fluffy was good enough. 

They look much better without the stupid fur wraps.

Fluffy does have a cute color combo. Like I said, I prefer her to pink Bree quite a lot. Her shoes are repeats of Bree's. 

Danessa is gorgeous. I'm a major sucker for deer dolls, I guess! Her hair is a lovely purple. 

I'm definitely not keeping the hats on, but I wanted to take a photo with them on. Danessa's went on easily, but Fluffy's was a struggle. 

You can see how far apart her ears are in the above photo. Well, I had to push one to get it in the ear hole, since they're closer together on the hat. Then it was hard to get off and it may have loosened the ear. So be careful with your hats! If you like her in the hat, I recommend you put it on and leave it on. If you don't like it, don't even bother putting it on at all.

Ah, the pets! Danessa's deer Sprint is one of my favorites. He's right up there with the turtle. I took off his stupid white fur bit, although you can see it in the boxed photo if you want a look.

I am a little disappointed in Sprint though, because he's very lightweight, hollow plastic. Not as well done as the other pets, although he's so cute it almost doesn't matter, but this is a review, so it's worth mentioning.

The bunny, Mop, is cute, too. Thanks to the reader who posted all the names in a comment!

The one area in which Fluffy beats Danessa is in the purse department. Fluffy's bunny purse is super cute, while Danessa's just got a basket. I suppose you could gather the flowers in it, but still. The garden set is cute, but I tossed it into my storage bag. At some point, I'll put all these accessory bits on ebay or something.

So overall, the set is cute, but I don't think it's worth $20 unless you really like one or both of the dolls. I love Danessa and her deer, so it was worth it for me.


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  1. Gee, no Bree (rhyme intended) love? :) I like both Bree and Fluffy., though surprised to see two animals, er, girl/animals of the same kind.

    I saw some of these at Target.VERY adorable art as always.