Saturday, June 10, 2017

REVIEW: LOL Surprise Series 2 Wave 1

LOL Surprise is back!

Series 2 of the popular blind, ball...dolls is just starting to appear and I got majorly lucky and found them.

I'm not in any LOL groups, but as far as I know, the only other people that have them are ones given review freebies, so I got very very lucky that my Target put some out, because I have almost the entire set now and I can share them with you!


Instead of carrying the balls in that huge display case, Target just plopped out cases on an endcap. The regular-sized LOLs are now in their own assortment, while the teeny tiny Little Sisters get their own cases. My store had 2 regular cases and 2 Little Sisters. The regulars run a rather painful $9.99 each, while the littles are $6.99. Both a bit steep, in my opinion, especially because they were $7.99 when they debuted.

Little Sister Rocker

Having seen the checklist online, I knew the designs this time around were even better than the original series, so I bit the bullet and brought a full case of 18 home.

I also made my mom choose one of the Little Sisters. Being that these are just babies in diapers that come with random accessories for their older sisters, I'm not interested in collecting the whole line, especially at $6.99 a pop! But I did want to open one. Mom managed to use her blind bag magic to get exactly the one I wanted most! Li'l Rocker! She came with a bag that she can fit in, plus a pair of black boots exactly like the ones her older sister already has. Not sure why the accessory for the big doll is the same as what she came with the first time when another color would have been nice, but oh, well.

Kitty Queen

My mom and I had a blast opening the 18 regular balls. We had a lot of fun opening them the first time and my mom really gets hooked into it. Heh.

The case assortment was something rather miraculous. I did not get one double. I got 18 different dolls! So when you buy a case, you get one golden ball with a glittery character. I got Kitty Queen. The other is Splash Queen, a mermaid. And you get one of the members of the Opposites Club. I got Sugar, the angel. The other is Spice, the devil, who unfortunately was my most wanted of the line. Sigh!

Honey Bun

I'm still overall pleased with my incredible luck for the day, but I do wish I'd gotten Spice!

Anyway, the checklist is divided up into clubs. There are the rarer glitter ones, the two opposites, the theater club, the atheletes, the glam club, the hip hop club, the cosplay club, the Alice-in-Wonderland-themed Storybook club, the winter wear girls, and the retro club.


Instead of showing the entire Series 2, they decided to just have silhouettes of the missing dolls that will be part of Wave 2. A wise decision considering how many of us thought the entire line was out the first series and then found out just a handful were held back.

This time it's not a handful though. There are 2 more glitters, 2 more theater ones, 1 athlete, 2 glam girls, 1 hip hop girl, 1 cosplayer, 1 Alice in Wonderland character, 2 snow girls, and 3 retro girls left to be revealed in Wave 2.

I do have photos of every one of my 18 dolls up in my Flickr, which I'll link to at the end. I didn't want to post them all here, because I don't have enough to say to work around that many pictures!

I am a big sucker for these dolls and I'm so happy to have found them and so quickly! I hope everyone who wants them has equally good LOL luck!




  1. Any hopeful chance you would sell your lol?

    1. Depends which ones. I've got a group of lil sisters on ebay right now.