Monday, June 19, 2017

REVIEW: DC Superhero Girls Mission Gear Poison Ivy

Ivy was up on Amazon on Friday and I bought the last one. Not sure if she's restocked since, as I haven't been checking.

She was $14.99.

She's my first Mission Gear doll. I think the line is neat, but I haven't bought any because I really don't want that many Batgirls and Supergirls.

Ivy though is a different story!

This is only Ivy's second doll, whereas Wondy, Batgirl and Supergirl have I don't even know how many.

So while the molded clothing ones aren't ones I typically collect, I definitely want to support the lesser-used characters. I'm a sucker for Ivy, too, because Harley and Ivy!

I was amused to see this doll come in stock around the same time the webisode featuring this outfit debuted.

I love this color scheme with the really dark green and then brighter green for her gloves, belt and boots. The pink adds a nice bold color and it's a pretty shade of pink, too.

The first of Ivy's four accessories is her hand vine. This is the same mold as Signature Ivy's only the shade of green is different.

Ivy has a snap-on piece that looks like a more tactical vest. It's cute, but I prefer her without it.

I think I'd like it better if it wasn't a third shade of green and this one's rather drab.

Ivy's also got a pair of glasses that I almost overlooked, since they're placed higher up in the package, almost under the DCSG logo.

The lenses are tinted pink and the rest is painted the same bright green as her outfit highlights.

They go on easily and they look pretty cool.

Ivy's final accessory is this angry cactus.

He is awesome.

My Mission Gear Ivy has a slightly different face than my signature doll. The eye placement makes it seem longer, because they're a little bit too highly-placed, but she still looks good enough to me.


Mission Gear Ivy has a matte lipstick, as opposed to the Signature's shinier lips. The colors are similar, but different.

I'm happy to add this Ivy to my shelf, where she stands with the basic molded outfit Harley doll. They look like they're ready to go do some supering together!


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