Sunday, June 4, 2017

NEWS: Shoppies

It's time to join the Shoppies on their World Vacation! I'm not big into the Shopkins themselves, but this World Vacation theme for Season 8 might just hit me in the wallet.

I mean, it already did.

I just bought all 3 of the new World Vacation dolls on ebay.

Toys R Us has an ebay account and they're selling them for $14.99 each plus tax! Way cheaper than the others on ebay right now.


Macy Macaron:

Spaghetti Sue:

They are limited quantity, so if you want them, get them now. The Shopkins people already know they're coming to Walmarts, but weren't allowed to be sold until today, June 4th. So you can bet the fans are going to be stalking ebay in case there are deals and this is a hell of a deal. It's not often I find brand new Shoppies the day they come out!

My favorite is Spaghetti Sue. I love her Li'l Shoppie. She was actually the first one I bought in TRU. Her and Kirstea, but I wanted Sue more, because of her spaghetti hair and my years spent working in an "Italian" restaurant. I love her outfit and her Shopkins.

Jessicake is one I never bought, but she looks great with the red streaks in her hair.

Macy is really pretty, although I'm not a fan of her lipcolor. Everything but that I love and I think even it will grow on me.

So yeah, click those links, buy those Shoppies! You'll even get free shipping if you buy 2 or all 3. Just make sure to stick them all in your cart and then check out. I'm not sure if that promotion works otherwise.

PHOTOS: Promos grabbed from the TRU ebay listings.

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