Thursday, June 22, 2017

NEWS: Monster High

So if you're like me, you've been wondering what all these bits found on Taobao and the like have been. We've seen Cleo's head and her bodysuit, Ghoulia's head, her top and most recently, her boots.

Well, here we go! This exclusive 2-pack tells us the long-awaited story of how Cleo and Ghoulia began their friendship!

This is NOT an SDCC exclusive! YESSSSSSSSSS! It will be exclusive to Mattel Shop starting July 19th. Thank you, Mattel. Well-played.

I think Cleo is absolutely perfect. The side glance, the bandage drapery, her jewelry is always spot on. Just gorgeous.

Ghoulia... See, here's the thing. I'm an Egyptologist, which means I earned a piece of paper that tells me I have to say something critical when people mess up Egyptian stuff. Ghoulia's outfit is cute. I love her as an Egyptologist. However, she should not be wearing shorts. Long pants are necessary for tomb crawling and digging, trust me. I mean, she's a zombie, so she's not going to get the cuts and bruises I would if I wore that, but still. Also, no heels. You do not wear heels in Egypt. I have a series of pictures of improperly-dressed tourists from when I worked there. Heels always earned a photo. Unless you want a busted ankle, you do not wear heels. Especially on a dig site! Yeesh. But this is Monster High, the brand that forced Clawdeen to wear heels to play soccer, so what do you expect?

Okay, I've said my professional piece.

I do love this set and I'm so thrilled it's a normal exclusive and not SDCC. Looks like Cheetah may be my only SDCC expenditure this year and that is most welcome.


  1. I think this set of dolls is absolutely gorgeous !!!
    Cloe looks wonderful of course in the beautiful Egyptian style and Ghoulia just as a great set. I would like to buy it so much!!! :D

  2. This set is adorable and I can't wait to get it. (Also glad it's non SDCC). I also wondered about the tease on the official MH tumblr about this being some sort of Origin Story? That would be pretty amazing.

    1. I'm curious about that. I can't remember how long Cleo said she was in there, but I think that would still make Ghoulia pretty old, too.