Sunday, June 18, 2017

REVIEW: Enchantimals Fanci Flamingo, Ohana Owl, Merit Monkey and Taylee Turtle

Now let's take a look at what I call the deluxe sets.

There are three sets that come with an Enchantimal doll, two animal friends and some accessories. I did not buy the bear set, but I do have the other two.

These run $12.99 at Toys R Us. Amazon price is not known yet.

Apologies for my not even bothering to try to make a background for these bigger boxes. As I mentioned in my basic dolls post, I'm exhausted!

Fanci is one I was really excited for. She was actually my second fave after Sage, if I remember correctly.

Gah, her art is so cute.

Fanci is rather bogged down with accessories, I think. I took off that hairy stole thing. This material sheds a lot!

I also took off her party hat, which is held on with not one, but three plastic tabs. Ugh.

Fancy has very elaborate makeup that I think lost a bit in translation from the hand-painted prototype we see in the Amazon pictures to her final incarnation.

She's still neat and definitely elaborate, but the parts above her eyes ended up looking faded.

Watch the faces on these girls, which is something I probably don't even have to say. My store had 2 Fancis and one had a face that was so squished onto the lower half of her head.

I really love Fanci's hair color. I'm not sure she's my second fave overall anymore, but she's definitely my favorite of the three birds (Patter and Ohana being the other two). 

Fanci's theme is a birthday party, so her two flamingo friends have party hats. There's also a table with a cake and 2 presents. 

The flamingos are two of my favorite pets. I'm debating removing the furry bits, but then there would be visible holes in the toys. 

Ohana means family.

I mean, Ohana Owl is the other deluxe, two-pet doll I bought.

She's got a sleepover theme, which I think they did better than Fanci's birthday party theme.

Again with the incredibly cute art!

I like Ohana's character description, too.

So here she is without her hat, which is tacked down to her head, and with her sleep mask in its place. I love the beak on it!

A better shot of her face. She's got pretty designs, but her "beak" is a little crooked, which makes her eyes look off.

The case assortment, by the way, seems to be 2 Fanci, 1 Ohana, 1 bear girl.

This set has so much stuff! Ohana has a cap and mask, the smaller owl has a pink mask and the blue owl has a nightcap. Then there's the huge pet bed, the plate of cookies and the milk.

This one is definitely a super cute set. Even though I like Fanci's doll and pets better, I see more play value in this set.

Adorable owls! No pet in any of these sets has a name that I know.

Moving on, we've got Merit Monkey and her fruit cart.

These vehicle sets cost $14.99, which is very fair, considering you get a vehicle with moving wheels and accessories, a doll and a pet.

Merit is one I was really excited for and she does not disappoint. She might be my second fave after Sage.

If you want just Merit and her monkey, I suggest getting the multipack. It includes them!

Cute art! I like that she's an insecure perfectionist.

The fruit cart is wisely made, because there are little pegs under all the accessories that hold them in place, so you can roll it without them tipping off.

Love the place for her monkey to hang out.

Merit has an adorable hairstyle. I love it! I'm a sucker for widow's peaks. Her ears are cute and I love her tail. Love her outfit colors, too. I just love her.

She comes with a little basket with a movable handle.

Super cute monkey!

The fruit cart has bananas on the top shelf. The lower shelf contains a jug of some beverage, a pineapple and two cups with straws.

I love the bright colors and the monkey ears on the awning.

Finally tonight, we've got Taylee Turtle.

Like Merit's set, this one has a lot of bang for your buck. These sets are not only cute, but they're things I would have gotten hours of fun out of when I was a kid. That's why I like lines like this.

Taylee has my favorite art! Her poor turtle buddy!

Taylee is almost an overlookable (yes, I'm just making up words now) character. She lacks the detail of the other girls and is just a simple turtle girl. Her only real animal feature is the speckles across her forehead.

However, I love her colors, her outfit design, her hair. She's just really appealing for some reason. 

She's also the only doll I have so far that has articulated knees. I believe the panda does, too. 

Not that articulation is a must for me, but she needs it to ride this bike. 

Which I have not taken a photo of. This is what happens when I'm exhausted!

Oh, well. You can see how cute they look in their helmets anyway. 

Oh, this guy. This turtle is my favorite of the pets. He's just SO CUTE.

So all in all, I'm impressed with Enchantimals. They are decidedly enchanting in a nostalgic way. I could see myself playing with these for ages in my youth and I hope kids today will enjoy them, too. 

My highest recommendations are Taylee and Merit's sets and then Ohana's. Character design though I have to give to Sage. 

I am definitely impressed with the price points. It's so nice to be able to buy a good-sized collection of toys for less than the cost of five fashion dolls. I'm looking forward to more from Enchantimals!


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