Sunday, June 18, 2017

REVIEW: Enchantimals Felicity Fox, Lorna Lamb and Patter Peacock

I'm going to zip through these because I am wearing down quickly. I barely slept, I worked a long, busy shift earlier and it's catching up to me!

The basic Enchantimals are $7.99 on Amazon, but $8.99 in Toys R Us.

I'm not sure what the case assortment is, as I don't know if any sold before I saw them, but I saw 1 Felicity, 1 Sage, 1 Lorna, 1 Bree and 2 Patter.

The art for this line is super adorable. I love it. I wish they'd animate it instead of the stupid stop motion things they've been doing that I can't even bear to watch.

I think Felicity actually has one of the less cute art pieces, which says a lot, because that's still super cute.

Felicity has auburn hair in pigtails. One of her fox ears has a flower on it. She has a fabric tail like Sage.

Unlike the other dolls, Felicity has a very elaborate mask-like design on her face. I'm not sure what this has to do with a fox. If she were colored gray and black, this design would actually work pretty well for a raccoon.

Felicity has my favorite outfit of the ones I have so far. I like the colors, the pattern on her skirt and the design of her top.

Felicity is one of the few with a pet name we know. This is Flick.

Lorna Lamb is adorable! She was one I was only half interested in at first, but she's grown on me a lot.

I love her color scheme, except for her boots, which are a bit off from the rest of her bright, springy outfit.

Her hair is amazing. Look how hers and the lamb's just take over the packaging!

Lorna is the athletic one, which I was not expecting from the lamb character. I figured she'd be something stereotypical like gentle, so I love that's she's actually super competitive.

Lorna's ears are a bit weird. I mean, it's weird enough having characters like Sage and Felicity with two pairs of ears, but I tend to overlook that. Lorna's ears are very long and skinny, designed so they stick out of her super curly hair. The overall effect looks great, but if you think about how long her ears actually are under all that hair, it's strange.

Lorna's lamb pal has a very sweet face. The lamb's name is unknown. It's neither on the website nor on Amazon.

Patter the pretty peacock I think is going to be popular. She has a very elegant design and she's just aesthetically pleasing.

Naturally, she's the fashion one.

The bird girls all have elaborate designs on their faces.

Patter has a little peacock tail in the back.

I love her updo, as it goes with her elegant look very well.

And her shoes! Her shoes are my favorites in the line.

Patter's peacock friend is equally elegant. His name is Flap.

So these three, along with Sage Skunk and Bree Bunny, are the first basic Enchantimals out. I'm not sure if Karina Koala is included, too. I did not see her, but she's definitely in this style box.



  1. Thanks for the reviews, these are great! (Especially the size comparison in another post, compared to an EAH pixie - very helpful)

    That's weird that the pet's names aren't on the boxes, I thought they would be o_O They're on TRU's UK website:

    Patter = Flap
    Sage = Caper
    Lorna = Flag
    Prue Panda = Nari
    Bree = Twist
    Karina = Dab
    Fluffy Bunny = Mop
    Danessa Deer = Sprint

    I'm not sure if the pets w/ the playset girls (Taylee, etc) have names or not, I can't find them anywhere :s I hope this helps though! :)

    1. Thanks! I'm not sure why the US site left Karina and Lorna off, but they also have Danessa and not Fluffy, whose name I didn't know until now. Sigh!

  2. Totally agree with the art..

  3. And also wish they were animated, esp.cartoon style..and that's comin' from a 61 year old clay animated TV icon horse from the old Gumby show.:)

    1. They actually have done some standard animation shorts now, which is nice.

    2. Yes, I already saw I mention in my previous reply.

  4. By the way, though I just rememebred, it is a nimated, cartoon style, the ads are the same,too.