Sunday, January 29, 2017

REVIEW: Shoppies Lippy Lulu

I totally owe you guys a Shibajuku Wave 2 Koe review and I have one of their outfit packs to do, too, but I just got these two things tonight and I'm excited, so I opened them instead.

I'm a minor Shoppies collector. I don't collect Shopkins anymore. I had a very brief run. Although I'll be all over it if they show up in Happy Meal blind bags again. Those were addicting. But anyway, what I mean is that I don't need every Shoppie doll or even one of each character. I buy who I like.

When I found Riana Radio and Kristina Apples from the Happy Places Li'l Shoppie line, I got back into Li'ls just long enough to realize that Lippy Lulu was nowhere to be found. She was the only other one I wanted from the first batch, so I figured I should track her down. I finally found her in Booksamillion and I really like her.

So imagine my surprise in Walmart tonight when I looked up at the top shelf and saw this set!

At first, I actually thought it was the donut girl, because she has the pink hair that kinda frames her face, too. They had two sets and both were shoved at the very back of the top shelf, so when I was able to haul them forward, I saw that this wasn't the donut girl but Lulu!

I had no idea there was a Lulu doll coming out. I thought we'd be finally getting Kirstea and Pirouetta and were otherwise caught up. I was so wrong. (See my previous post on the absolute deluge of new Shoppies items both popping up now and upcoming.)

I am not a playset collector, but this doll was a must have for me. She's only the second Shoppie to be not pale or slightly tanner than pale. (Okay, I don't own Pineapple Lily, but she doesn't look very dark to me, which is why I said that.) Kirstea is the most beautiful doll in the line and I think Lulu is a close second. (My fave is still Sara Sushi, but Kirstea and Lulu are second and third. And fave doesn't always mean prettiest!)

Lulu comes with a lot of stuff for only $19.88! That's really cheap considering these dolls in single packs are almost $15. She's got her VIP card, her stand, her golden brush, two Shopkins (a makeup bag and an eyeshadow case), four smaller lipstick Shopkins, a display in the shape of a lipstick, a chair, and the vanity, which has slots for all four lipsticks and the brush. The little white door also opens for storage.

Seriously, that's a lot for $19.88!

The doll is absolutely beautiful. I love her color scheme. Pink and gold aren't uncommon in playline, but Lulu's shades work really well together. I love her darker pink metallic lipstick, too. Her hair is really awesome. I love the high ponytail braid and the face-framing bangs. Her shoes are glam, while also being very subdued for the Shoppies line, so I like that, too.

Lulu definitely has me very excited to add some more Shoppies to my collection and soon!

If you collect these dolls, which ones do you like best? Which ones of the newbies are you most excited to get?


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