Saturday, January 7, 2017

REVIEW: Monster High Electrified Cleo

 I let Venus go first because we'd already known about her. Heh. Cleo is by far my fave from this line. To no one's surprise, I'm sure. She has an Electrified mini, which looks awesome, so I always held out hope that we'd get her. Then her dress was found I think on Taobao, so my hope increased, and then just a couple days ago, there she was. 

Cleo and Venus were first found at a Florida Walmart and I'm in Florida, so I really, really wanted them to arrive soon. I just didn't think it would be this soon!

Cleo's art is gorgeous, of course. It's Cleo. The only thing is that she's got way more teal hair in the art than the doll does. At least, the two at my store mostly had black hair and the little bit of pink underneath. 

I love the little bangs and they're not gelled at all. Cleo's hair is nice and crimpy poofy. It's a little dry, but not as much as some of the other girls in the line. 

I love her makeup, because it's very unusual for Cleo. Mine's gem sparkle is a little off, but I liked this doll's expression a lot and ended up picking her over the other one there. 

I really love this lip color on her, too. Doesn't hurt that it's one of my fave colors. 

Cleo's dress print goes all the way around. I love the neon yellow jagged hem. The fun Egyptian print is awesome, too. 

Her giant headband is a bit much, but this whole line is a bit much, so it fits in perfectly. 

Her blue twisty leg snake is fabulous. And it's got a little crown just like Hissette! 

Another amazing Cleo. What more can I really say? 

PHOTO CREDITS: Cleo be mine.

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