Monday, January 30, 2017

REVIEW: Monster High Party Ghouls Abbey

I've been in love with this Abbey since her promo pics came out on Amazon. I'm always a sucker for her with dark makeup.

Or really, any dolls with dark makeup. But Abbey looks especially good in it!

Party Ghouls is a new release. I think so far people have only found them at Walmart. Annoyingly, the Walmarts I go to more often have none, so I trekked out to the one I very, very rarely go to and I got lucky. (They also had Music Class, but their Cleo had the worst eyes I've seen in forever, which sucks because I need to buy her for a friend. I caved and bought one on ebay a few days ago, so I'll be reviewing her later in the week probably.)

Sadly, they only had Abbey. Both Rochelle and Venus were missing. I don't plan on buying Venus, because I just got Electrified and I'm not a big Venus fan, but I really want Rochelle.

Abbey though is my fave, so I'm happy anyway!

Party Ghouls is a $15ish basic line with a minor gimmick. The line comes with several plastic pieces that you can stick in holes on the doll's accessories.

Abbey comes with five ice flowers, one larger ice crystal design, and one bug. Not sure what the bug has to do with anything, but oh, well. There are little faces sculpted in the flowers and on the bigger piece. I didn't see one on the bug, but I didn't look that hard. (It's hard for me to see tiny things with my contacts in.)

There are holes in Abbey's hat, on her boots, and on the shoulder piece/bandolier/belt she wears.

I had a lot of trouble getting the big piece to fit anywhere, but I finally crammed it into her hat. The flowers I had no trouble with. I put one on the Shiver-themed purse and one on her belt. All purple. I stuck the pink ones and the bug into my MH jewelry box.

Y'know, I kinda want Venus just because I could give her the bug piece, but no. I don't need to spend another fifteen bucks.

Abbey's makeup is perfection. Dark gray eyeshadow and a medium blue-gray lipstick. I think she's right behind I Heart Fashion when it comes to best makeup.

Here you can see the bandolier without the black fur. The fur actually is not attached to the dress by anything more than one of those tiny plastic tabs they use on clothes a lot. I'm thrilled because I far prefer the dress without the fur.

Abbey's got blue and purple streaks in her hair and no ice tinsel. She's got a little short ponytail over the rest of her loose hair.

Here she is without the bandolier on. And with one of the flowers in her hat. I originally had it there after struggling with the bigger piece and failing. But after I shot this, I tried again and got the big piece to finally fit.

The dress is plain purple on the back, although the black hem goes all the way around the skirt.

Overall, I really love this Abbey. I'm very pleased to see her get another doll after the Dance one, which I liked mostly because it was Abbey, who's been a fave of mine since she debuted. I mean, really, she looked a lot like the one that came with Heath hair-wise and her outfit wasn't that great, but I liked seeing her on the new body. Party Ghouls Abbey though is a strong addition to my Abbey collection!

Now to track Rochelle down...


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