Friday, January 20, 2017

REVIEW: Disney Attractionistas Briar

Oh, man, this girl! What trouble! When I was on vacation in mid-November, Briar and Holly appeared on I was shocked because I thought the Attractionistas line was over. Well, I wanted both, but couldn't order right away, because Disney frequently uses UPS to ship and I wasn't going to be home to get the box. I can't remember how long they were on the site, but when I was ready to order, they were gone. I believe they each reappeared once, but I either never had the free money when they were there or I stupidly decided to wait for all the Black Friday sales. Briar ended up disappearing off the site for good, while Holly finally returned and I ordered her. I reviewed her here on December 15th.

I've kept watch on the Disney Store site for Briar for weeks now. I also checked ebay and some websites that are basically personal Disney parks shoppers and came up with nothing. Briar seemed to be totally gone, which was insane, considering she'd only come out in mid-November!

Well, I kept looking for her and finally a few days ago, she turned up on one of the personal shopper sites. I bought her and she arrived today. 

Briar is incredibly cute. She's got the Gracey/Carrie mold that I adore. It's very versatile because those three dolls look nothing alike aside from their smiles and noses. 

Briar has kind of a creamy peachy-orange skintone. She has pink hair in a braid with cute bangs and big blue eyes. And she's got a spray of freckles across her nose and cheeks, which are always adorable. 

Her clothes have some great details on them. The vest and green top are one piece, but other than that the quality and detailing is excellent. I love the rabbit belt buckle, the boots, her cuff bracelet, and her necklace and earrings. The blue bird and sun design on her bag is really neat, too. 

Briar wears a big hat, though nowhere near the size of Carrie's! It stays on pretty well, unlike a lot of the other hats. This line has some of the most impressive hats I've seen for dolls, but they're also either too large or too heavy, so they mostly don't stay on well. 

I think Briar's one of the most detailed Attractionistas there is. She's right up there with Gracey as the character where you get the most bang for your buck. Don't get me wrong, I love the simpler designs, too, like Celeste and Holly, but I also dig me some details! 

Briar's pet fox is named Patch and like all the Attractionista pets, he's incredibly well-sculpted and large. 

I'm curious to see if this is the end for Attractionistas or if they'll pop up again with new offerings that no one expected. I like the line a lot, although if they do offer more characters in the future, I hope they're easier to get than these two! 


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