Thursday, January 5, 2017

REVIEW: Disney Descendants Jewelbilee Mal

My Target put out the Jewelbilee dolls today! They're $19.99 each and the DPCI is 086-14-0966.

I adore all three of these girls and think this is the best line of Descendants yet.

The case assortment is as Entertainment Earth said: 2 Mal, 1 Evie and 1 Ally.

Mal is absolutely stunning in this dark purple dress with two gorgeous green dragons on it. The design is just fabulous. I love it. Mal's our graffiti artist and the dragon design on the dark background reminds me of her art.

The dress is held up by a couple plastic straps, so it's not going to slip all over.

It looks good without her Jewelbilee necklace, too. The necklace isn't held down with any plastic straps, so it comes off easily.

The back of the dress is plain, but I think repeating the dragon pattern on the back would have been overkill. I like the asymmetrical hem, too.

Mal's amazing dragon mask is part of a headband, which is held down with a couple plastic tabs. I'm not going to remove the headband, so no pics of Mal without her mask.

For arm jewelry, Mal wears a beautiful strappy black bracelet with a purple jeweled ring attached. The ring is flexible, so I'm not sure which finger she's supposed to be wearing it over. It hangs naturally over her pinkie, but also over her middle two fingers.

Her purse is an awesome silver number.

Here's a side view of the mask. While I love all the masks in the line, Mal's is by far my favorite. It's dark and beautiful. I love that it's a half mask and not the more traditional styles Evie and Ally wear. Being different suits Mal perfectly.

Mal's shoes are a mild disappointment, because they're her Genie Chic shoes with no paint, but the design is still very pretty and works really well with her outfit.

Mal's Jewelbilee necklace covers most of her neck and collarbone area. The large emerald is a small disappointment, because it's just a simple rectangle. It's a bit of a plain cut for a character like Mal.


This is my favorite Mal yet. They nailed the outfit and I love the bracelet and purse. The mask is absolutely perfect and I don't even mind the reuse of the shoes. I wish the jewel was a different shape, but it's still not bad.

I wish this line was bigger, because I think this is the best yet.



  1. We might get more in this line. I think Jane was mentioned in the press release and the episode came out yesterday that featured all of the main girls in their outfits. We'll probably get more later on! :D

    1. I certainly hope so. Lonnie desperately needs a new doll and Freddie's outfit was gorgeous.

    2. A Jewelbilee Freddie could have a half-skull ball mask, Baron Samedi-style, too! It seems like a massive missed opportunity.