Tuesday, January 3, 2017

REVIEW: DC Superhero Girls Themyscira Wonder Woman

She's currently at Target for $19.99 with the DPCI 086-14-1966. She comes four per case. I didn't see any major flaws on the 3 I had to choose from.



I like her modernized teenybopper look with the white t-shirt sleeves and the tight pants, but man, I'm really into this look.

This is far more my aesthetic for Wonder Woman. I grew up with the classic basic bathing suit outfit for her and that never bothered me, but I think this blue kilt, Greekesque sandals, fancy shoulder armor look really works for the character.

I'm leaving the shoulder armor strapped down, because otherwise, it's gonna go everywhere. The red top on the dress has no straps, but thankfully, the armor holds it in place pretty well. I adore the kilt so much. And her belt with its gorgeous red stars! It can still hold the lasso, but now, she can hold it and look more natural carrying it than the one that came with the signature doll.

I love these sandals so much. Her boots are iconic, but these just amaze me.

I'm well-aware that this is not the best review, because I am just babbling happily away and not really critiquing anything.

I am fine with that.

Lovely, lovely braided hairstyle. I hate that poof thing at the front on most dolls, but it works very well with the braids here. The Greeks had some pretty crazy hairstyles, too, so this is reminiscent of some of the more angular ones.

It looks so pretty from the side, too!

I really cannot say enough good things about this doll. I'm kind of in Wonder Woman mode, because I finally watched Batman v Superman last night and she was the best part of the entire long thing. So I'm just thrilled to have her on my DCSG shelf and she actually pushed sig Wondy to the back and took her place proudly in front.

I'd love to see some more dolls like this. I'm a bit worried about the constant repetition of the same three characters when the dolls aren't very different hair and makeup-wise, but this one is styled well and stands out as different. I don't plan on buying a lot of DCSG variations for the same look reason, but this one got my wallet out and if I had to choose to keep only one of each character, this would be the one.


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  1. I think I'll have to get this one instead of the signature. I really like how she looks.
    It's a shame we still don't have DC Superhero Girls in Finland. The importing company said that we'll get them in the fall this year, but that's too late for me. I have waited enough, so I just have to order them online.. Well, at least today I'll get my first DCSG doll, Katana. I'm so excited! :)