Thursday, January 4, 2018

SIGHTINGS: Target and Walmart

Back with more sightings from today's hunting!


My Walmarts sadly did not put out much. My local one only put out those comic book-themed basic Monster High dolls.

The other Walmart nearby had those dolls, plus LOL Surprise Series 3 Lil Sisters and the Descendants 4-pack with Jay.


I went back to Target to look for the 35th Anniversary ponies, but came up with nothing for those, and oddly the Care Bears vanished from the shelves. Maybe they'll all be put out on the same date?

The employees were hard at work earlier though rearranging the shelves.

The Mysticons section has the basic figures, figures with griffins, larger light-up figures, and kid-size weapon sets.

For MH, I saw all the pet minis. Each pack of mini and mini pet is $3.99. A case seems to be 2 Frankie, 2 Clawdeen, 1 Cleo, 1 Laura, 1 Lagoona.

For DC Superhero Girls, they had the Masquerade dolls, which I mentioned yesterday, but also the new "Comic Classics" Batgirl and Harley for $20.99 each.

The Enchantimals section grew by two: Cameo Crab and Starling Starfish.

Shopkins got the most new stuff. They had the more deluxe pet sets with Melonie Hops and Donutina's Duncan. They had single pets: Caterina, Bunny Bow, Kissy Boo, Pupkin Cake, Foxy Lemons and Snow Fro. They also had the Bella Bow and Bowdie Bear set. For Happy Places, there was Pia Puzzle's new playset plus the stable playset with Ponycakes. Sadly, no new HP singles or the single-packed ponies. Or the dolls for that matter. I don't pay much attention to the regular Shopkins, but there were multipacks and the blind boxes for this Wild Style season.

I think that was all I saw. New toy time is always overwhelming and I feel like I'm forgetting things. I didn't find any more Babysitters Inc singles or the toddler Harley I really wanted, but I'm pleased with what I did get. Expect reviews tonight!

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