Friday, January 5, 2018

REVIEW: Shopkins Wild Style Shoppets Foxy Lemons

I couldn't resist getting one of these after all. I'm a sucker for pets and flocking thanks to growing up with Sylvanian Families.

I liked Foxy the best of the ones I saw yesterday and she was still there. She's got brighter colors and she's not a cat or dog, so yeah, appealing.

For $5.99, you get your Shoppet, which is articulated at the neck and shoulders (and in Foxy's case, at the tail, too), and a Shopkin.

Foxy is the Shoppet connected to new Shoppies character Lemony Limes, who will get a doll in this Wild Style line.

Her Shopkin is a lemon tree and it's pretty cute.

She's flocked in a couple different colors. Her outfit is not flocked.

She's got decent arm movement, though obviously with such a big head and teeny arms, there's not a ton of range of motion.

From the back. Any of the ones with long tails should have articulation there.

Here's a size comparison with a regular doll and a Happy Places.

And here's the pamphlet she comes with.

Rainbow Sparkle is the limited edition unicorn/pegasus Shoppet. No idea how she's going to be limited.

I love that the Shopkin is Twilight Cloud, so you've got "Twilight Sparkle" between both names.

Then we've got Caterina (Pirouetta), Kissy Boo (Lippy Lulu), Bunny Bow (Rainbow Kate) and Snow-Fro (likely Fria Froyo).

I saw all of these at Target, so they're currently out.

Then there are Hip Hip Hamster and Sugar Swirl the lamb. These each belong to a doll that's a newer character. Hip Hip Hamster goes with Makella Wish, who first appeared in Happy Places. Sugar Swirl goes with Candy Sweets, a new character with a cotton candy theme.

Neither of these were at Target. I think I'll be getting them both when they come out.

On the other side of the pamphlet are Kitty Crumbles (Coco Cookie, who first appeared in Happy Places), Ambear Bow (not sure if she goes with anyone) and Foxy Lemons (Lemony Limes).

Lemony was the only one of these three at Target.

And finally Pupkin Cake (Jessicake), Minty Paws (Peppa Mint) and Squeak Sweetie (Valentina Hearts).

Pupkin was at Target, but not the other two, who are two I want.

I'm not planning on buying a lot of these, but I can see them as something to pick up when nothing else is in stock. $5.99 isn't a lot, so they could easily be an impulse purchase for me.


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