Wednesday, January 3, 2018

REVIEW: Enchantimals Petya Pig

I wasn't sold on Petya from her promos, but I knew I wanted that little spotted pig. OMG, he is SO CUTE.

She actually grew on me a lot just looking at her in the store. There's something cute about her.

This set was also $12.99 like the color change sealife girls.

No other new $12.99 sets were there, just Merit Monkey.

Also adorable in her art.

The back of Petya's box has the dolls from Series 1, plus Preena Penguin and the four new singles (Hixby, Cherish, Sancha and Peeki).

Petya's oven is really nice. I love the little pegs to hold the spatula and spoon, because you really have to push to get them on, so that helps them not get lost.

The oven opens and I put the cupcake plate inside.

Petya has a tiny pig tail. It's really cute, but also another reminder of how odd the Enchantimals can be. They have 2 sets of ears after all and their tails sprout from the smalls of their backs, up a little too high.

Gah, I love that spotted pig! He has a hole in his head to accommodate the peg on his hat so it stays on.

The best part of the set. I like the dolls and sometimes I really, really love the dolls, but the pets are so consistently adorable.


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