Wednesday, January 3, 2018

REVIEW: Babysitters Inc Doll #1

I was pretty excited about the new Skipper-centric Babysitters Inc line, because a) I am the Babysitters Club generation, b) they also remind me a little of BFC Ink, and c) I'm always happy when Skipper gets diverse friends, because she's had, like, one.

However, I have to say I'm disappointed, because I thought these were going to be a character-driven storyline and the dolls don't even have names on the boxes. That worries me.

I'm calling this girl Nikki for now, because someone had that in their ebay listing. Maybe they know something I don't.

I should just call her Calista after the BFC Ink character.

I considered Jessi, but she's not very Jessi-ish.

The back of the box shows the other four. No names. So sad!

All of these are on ebay, but of course the Asian girl is the hardest to find. You know, the one I want most.

Oh, she cost $9.99. I think they're less than $8 at Walmart. I'm hoping I turn up at least one more when I go out tomorrow, because I know people who found the boy there.

Her hair is really cute, although it needed a lot of fluffing to get rid of the box flattening in the back.

She also sheds a lot. These are the sort of things I'm too blind to notice when I'm taking pics, but see after.

The outfit is deceptive. That's a dress. The overalls are printed on.

I mean, it's still cute, but...yeah, printed overalls.

She comes with a phone and a sippy cup, both easily held by her hands, which are definitely molded to hold things, not your typical flat hands or hands with prettily-posed fingers.

She's actually quite tall. Original height on the left, Nikki in the middle, petite height on the right.

I didn't take any body comparison photos, because I worked a double today and I'm barely cranking these out. But I can.

I hope to find the others soon! This is a cute line. I just hope they do something more with it.


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