Wednesday, January 3, 2018

REVIEW: Enchantimals Jessa Jellyfish and Clarita Clownfish

I was surprised to see new Enchantimals in Target tonight and I picked up one of each new set I saw.

Jessa and Clarita were there, but not Dolce Dolphin. No sign of Cameo Crab either, sadly!

These two were $12.99 each.

Choose your faces carefully. Both Claritas looked good, but one Jessa had an eye that was horribly off. Some might not have taken the one I did either, as her eyes are set too high.

I love this artwork. So super cute!

The back of the box shows the ocean life line: the three color change girls, Sandella's coach, Cameo Crab and Starling Starfish.

Jessa has very detailed eye makeup. I love her little poofy jellyfish skirt and her shoes. The bracelets with tentacles and the jellyfish tiara are excellent, too.

The thing I find odd about her is that she's got a very human skintone. I thought she looked more yellow in the promos, but she isn't.

Tried to get a better shot of her makeup detailing. Enchantimals aren't the easiest to photograph, because the detail level is so small!

Cute shoes and one of the cutest pets yet!

Clarita surprised me, because she's much cuter and more detailed in person than she was in her promos.

Gorgeous art. I actually prefer her with the brown hair to the pink though.

This is more the color I imagined for Jessa.

The head fins are darling and the bracelet ones, too. And she has fins on the backs of her shoes.

Cutie pet and her accessories. Both girls have the same bowl but the handle color of the color change wand is different.

I snapped this pic after changing the girls. It's so cold here, even in Florida, that you can see their darker color coming back.

I love these two and they joined my Great Scarrier Reef MH display. I hope Cameo comes out soon!


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