Thursday, January 4, 2018

REVIEW: Monster High Pet Minis

I knew these were "out," because someone on Amazon is trying to sell them for $12.99 each. Yeesh.

I did not know they were out on store shelves.

Target. $3.99 each.

Case is 2 Frankie, 2 Clawdeen, 1 Laura, 1 Lagoona and 1 Cleo.

The minis themselves do not wow me. I fully admit that I paid $3.99 each for 5 tiny plastic pets.


Just look at little Watzit and his frown. I LOVE him. He's actually my favorite of the five.

I wonder how Clawdeen got the second doublepack and not Laura. Maybe cats over bats? Hmm.

Cleo's my favorite of the actual minis, because those stripes in her hair are neat.

Neptuna's my second fave pet with that smile.

They're adorable and I'm glad I caught them on the shelves!


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