Thursday, January 4, 2018

REVIEW: Enchantimals Cameo Crab & Starling Starfish


I'm so excited. I mean, anyone who read my previous post should know I bought her, since I mentioned her, but here she is.

I also got Starling. Like yesterday's buys, these two were also $12.99 each.

Cameo's art is adorable, but this time, I think the doll is actually even better than the art.

I find it odd that these sets with two pets have a name for only one. Who's the other crab?

She's gorgeous! Move over, Sage. I have a new favorite Enchantimal.

Cameo has Kimber neon red hair. It's in a little more intricate style than most Enchantimals and her tiny antennae poke out the top.

Cameo has a simple skirt, but her belt is what makes her really stand out. It also makes her arms stand out. She can't put them down all the way thanks to the belt.

Her shoes have the cutest crab faces on the front.

She's just fabulous from antennae to toe.

Cameo comes with a pool playset. The small crab-shaped pool is the right size for the smaller crab to hang out in while in his inner tube. both crabs have little holes in their heads so their accessories stay on.

Cameo has her purse and a bottle of lotion.

They're so cute!

Cameo also has articulated knees, so she can sit in the accompanying chair. Although it's so low, she doesn't really need to bend her knees.

I almost didn't get Starling, but then I figured why not.

She stands out a lot with her big rubber skirt. It's a nice touch.

Both Cameo and Starling had thin plastic over their torsos. Usually this is done to prevent staining. I'm not sure why it was done here. Because both have plastic parts by their waists? Starling's skirt is really tight and not easy to move, so I'm not sure.

Starling has nice pink hair and a lot of pretty facial details.

I really love the skirt. It's awesome.

I love her shoes, too, but they do not stay on. Keep an eye on them if you get her!

Starling's vanity has a little spot where the smaller starfish can sit and help Starling do her makeup. Then there's a chair for Starling, a seashell compact that opens and closes, a bruch and a perfume bottle. There's also a makeup brush not shown because the smaller starfish is holding it.

There's the brush. It fits in the little starfish's curled arm. The poor thing has an eye rub, but the other Starling at the store had an off eye, so I chose this one.

Here's Starling sitting down. She can hold all of the accessories. Some have the thumb hole and others a bit to go over the hand.

This set is really cute. I'm not super wowed by Starling's doll, but it's hard to compare to Cameo and Jessa. She's still plenty cute though.



  1. It too me an embarrassingly long time to realize that her name is not actually Crabigail. And then the crushing disappointment that followed was not pretty. Of course, it lasted for like five seconds because that box art is amazing. I'm pretty sure she just made the top of the list of tiny cute things I must have.

    1. Oops, I'm sorry! I made up that name for her back in September and it stuck.

  2. It just suits her, so I will think of her as Crabigail and Cameo can be the unnamed crab?