Thursday, January 4, 2018

REVIEW: DC Superhero Girls Comic Classics Harley

This new line just popped up in promo photo form not long ago, so I was shocked to see both at Target today. (The other one is Batgirl, who I don't need.)

They cost an annoying $20.99. I find this a bit too high, considering there's nothing here the $19.99 dolls don't have and Target even dropped the price on the sig dolls, too. ($18 and change. Can't remember the exact price.)

I have no idea if this will be a continuing line or if it's just these two. No idea if it's exclusive to Target. We'll see!

There's nothing exciting on the back of the box. Just stills from the webisodes.

I'm a sucker for Harley, as I've loved her since she debuted. So I have a bit more of a weakness for her dolls.

While this doll isn't spectacular, I do like the outfit. It isn't her original comics outfit, no. But the theme of that outfit is captured here, unlike her signature outfit for DCSG. I love the red and black dress with the diamond print. I love the giant white plastic collar and the white plastic ruffs on her wrists. I even love the pearly legs, which people yet again are complaining about.

Like really, how many current DCSG Harleys have flesh-toned legs? None. Not one made by Mattel. The only one is the 18" Jakks doll.

These pearly "stockings" are awesome.

And I really love her curly-toed jingle bell boots! I would have preferred black, but Harley so often incorporates blue now.

The doll is basically the same as the sig, but she works this outfit well.

I'm really glad to see Harley getting more attention. After her Masquerade doll and this one and the toddler finally being seen in the US, I'm pretty pleased.

Now if only we could get the same treatment for Bumblebee, Katana and Ivy, plus more new characters!

Oh, and here's another nitpick for the nitpickers. Another print that doesn't go all the way around.

But at least her collar comes down her back! I like that.

Is she worth $20.99? Eh, not compared to some of the others in the line, but is she cute and am I glad to have her? Eeyup.



  1. Replies
    1. Do you see how she's leaning in the bottom 2 pics? Can't do that without a joint there.

  2. I debated getting this one or the Masquerade and I went with this one. And I'm very pleased. It's my first Harley in this line and I couldn't resist this classic and classy look. I've been very quickly won over by this line and I'm sure I'm going to end up with just about all of them. !!! Addict.

    Love your blog. :-)