Saturday, February 17, 2018


A few more things of interest have popped up today. The first is easily the best thing that could be at Toy Fair. Nothing could top this for me.

I don't usually link to Instagrams, because it's more of a personal source than professional (and because I despise Instagram), but in this case, I'll make an exception:

The Bridge Direct is continuing their repro vintage ponies with not one but two new sets! We knew about the Rainbow ponies, which are scented for some bizarre unknown reason as the originals were not, but we did not know about the unicorn and pegasi set!

Now I'm in joy overload because Moondancer and Glory (the two white unicorns for those not pony-aware) were the first two ponies I ever owned when I was little. All I wanted out of this repro series was for them to be included and they finally are!

Flip through the pics on the account to see the Rainbows and the unis and pegs.

They're all gorgeous.

Idle Hands is slooooowly uploading stuff and most of it is nothing I care about, but their Hatchimals section caught my eye:
I'm loving those adorable basic plush ones, but not loving that they're blind-packed. Not everything needs to be freakin' blind.

StitchKingdom is at Toy Fair again and taking some good pics and others that frustrate me (I can see the backs of plushie heads in one photo but they never showed them from the front), so have a skim through their Tumblr.

The two that got my attention most are:

The DCSGs minus Katana getting little toddler figures like the current Disney Princess ones. I'd be irritated about the lack of Katana, but considering how long it took Mulan to be added, I'm not surprised. Harley wins the day here, but her girlfriend Ivy is very close behind her in awesomeness.


I want her now. I had the original Violet doll and I think she broke? I can't recall. But this one is so cute in her unusual brand of cuteness.

Hopefully, we'll get some more Idle Hands albums later.

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