Thursday, February 8, 2018

REVIEW: Enchantimals Zelena Zebra, Ekaterina Elephant and Gillian Giraffe

I am so grateful to the Target employee that screwed up and put these brand new Enchantimals on CLEARANCE for $6.48!!!

I was miffed when I first was told by a friend that her Target had the $12.99 jungle Enchantimals when there was no sign of them at my store, despite getting the other new ones and getting them pretty early at that.

So these girls were one of the many reasons I trekked farther away today.

I was initially disappointed, because they were not in the Enchantimals section. But thankfully, when I go to a store I don't usually visit, I check everywhere, and bam, there was Zelena looking at me from a clearance endcap.

Love her art, by the way.

I scooped her right up, then saw another of her and 2 each of the others right behind, all marked down to $6.48. I was so happy!

Zelena is easily my favorite of the three. I'm a sucker for black and white, and she's just really pretty, too. She's my third favorite, I think, behind Crabigal (Cameo) and Sage.

Or maybe I like her better than Sage. Hmm. Not sure.

The girls in this line all come with jointed knees so they can ride their larger animal pal.

I love the flowers on these two.

And the zebra is adorable.

The animals each have a piece that goes around their neck and then the hands of the doll go into the ends of that piece, so she stays on the animal.

Zelena, however, looks a little ridiculous like this.

Thankfully, she is fully capable of balancing on her zebra on her own.

It doesn't look incredibly right, but then it doesn't look nearly as wrong as riding with her legs around its neck.

I'll do Gillian next since she has a similar piece for her giraffe.

I totally forgot Gillian existed. Poor thing.

Her art is also cute. All the Enchantimals art is cute. We've had this talk.

Gillian reminds me of both Ginny Weasley and Bloom from Winx Club. She looks like she's got a feisty side and of course there's the long flaming red hair.

She looks less silly than Zelena with her knees around the animal's neck. Probably because this giraffe has a pretty short body so otherwise Gillian's rear would be hanging off the back of the giraffe.

I struggled with Ekaterina. She did not want to ride that elephant. So take a good look at her in the box here. That's the only pic I have of her not on the elephant.

Really cute art again, but she also manages to look a bit mouse-like.

Having a much larger neck, her elephant had to have a longer piece to hang onto. Unfortunately, it still wasn't long enough! It probably took me ten minutes to arrange her into this pose, the only one I managed without her sticking her butt in the air.

She's quite pretty, which you wouldn't think would happen with those giant flappy ears. But she makes them work.

I think these are some of the best Enchantimals designs. I love all the shoes (especially Zelena's) and the colors of the outfits. There are no extraneous wraps to flop around everywhere. Love the high collars on Ekaterina and Zelena.

Zelena earned a place of honor on the coffee table with Crabigail, and the other two are hanging out with Cherish Cheetah. I can't wait to add Tanzie Tiger!


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  1. Thanx..lovin' these pictures (the art truly is the best compared to the actual dolls!):)