Sunday, February 25, 2018

MONTH IN REVIEW: January 2018

I cranked out a lot of reviews these past two months. I was going to list them off, but that's boring. If you haven't already seen them, it's easy enough to just skim back.

I've got some stuff arriving on Monday, so I'm just tackling January here.

I'm mostly posting pics of things you haven't already seen, but I couldn't resist opening with Crabigail.

After falling for the new Hallmark Shirt Tales in December, I ordered Rick, who arrived in early January, along with the Puppy Brite my store never got in.

Rick's never been my favorite character, but all of these are so cuddly, that I love each and every one.

And Puppy Brite is actually way cuter than the vintage, which is not usually the case.

I did do a review for these 35th Anniversary ponies, but they are so incredibly awesome that they deserve another appearance.

Stella, Flora, Musa, Aisha, Bloom, Tecna

My biggest collecting accomplishment in a long time was completing Giochi Preziosi's Winx Club Eveningwear II set...after 11 years of actively collecting them. I've actually had Stella since the line debuted in late 2005 or maybe 2006, but I stupidly did not buy any of the others, so I say I've only been actively collecting since 2007, when I bought Flora and Musa. I didn't get Aisha until 10 years later and now I've finally completed my set with the arrival of Bloom and the stunning Tecna in January.

My small collection of Surprizamals. I like collecting these because I can usually peek through the holes in the ball and identify the one I want.

Lots of new bear arrivals these past couple months. I've been really into the bears again.

Poor Bampa here has not gotten a lot of attention. Sorry, Bampa!

LOL Surprise keeps churning out the new stuff a little fast for me. I've finally got most of the Confetti Pop Wave 1, but I'm sure it won't be long until we see Wave 2.

Guess who my favorite is?

More Babysitters Inc dolls, but still no luck finding the boy or my favorite, the Asian girl.


Together is a bear I kept meaning to import for months and then finally did, only to love him so much that I wondered why it took me so long. He's one of the few who lives on my bed, because he's that awesome. 

Another big favorite: Charlie Bears' first dragon. She's a cutie named Seraphina and she sits high on my bookshelf right inside my bedroom door, watching over everything. 

Two tall, kinda awkward Fashionistas make perfect friends. 

Funko makes adorable plush. I finally caved and got the HP gang for half off at Walgreens. I've since added Voldemort and a second Harry who's glasses I've removed and they were 75 % off! Sometimes Harry needs a hug and those giant plastic glasses are not great for hugs. 

I hope they make Luna soon.

We'll wrap up January with a giant Funko Cthulhu. This is the Booksamillion exclusive. I have the regular darker green one, too, but I seem to not have taken a photo of both. I should. 

So there's January. I'll try to be more on the ball and get February done at the end of this week. 

I need to get my butt in gear and start doing some more of my old style overview posts, too!


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