Friday, February 16, 2018


Just some tiny new things.

Hasbro's put out their presskits for this year:

Honestly, there's nothing there really worth looking at. The princess stuff has a couple nice pieces, but nothing groundbreaking. MLP has nothing exciting. I'm disappointed there are no new characters for Equestria Girls. Nothing new for Descendants...yet. There's a possibility we might get some good news on that soon.

Then I found two pictures here:

For the Enchantimals, you can see the swan, wolf and tiger dolls that have Amazon listings with stock photos already. And you can see a new single-pack Danessa Deer with a small deer pet.

A couple new lines for DCSG. An apparent Back to School theme for Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Starfire, and a new basics line with fabric skirts. I am happy to see Katana, Frost and Ivy again, even if it is in such a basic way. I'm definitely getting that Frost and probably Katana, too, to support her. Ivy is also tempting because that shorter hair is pretty cute.

I'm not going to post someone else's photo, but on Facebook, I saw two new finds for DCSG. The two dolls seem to be in a Hero of the Month line and were found at Walmart. It's Wondy and Supergirl, surprise surprise. They're wearing tank tops and short skirts and each comes with a golden trophy.

I'm looking forward to seeing much more than two measly photos from this year's Toy Fair!

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