Friday, February 9, 2018


So we've got some previews of what's going to be at Toy Fair 2018 thanks to UK Toy Fair 2018, and Idle Hands once again has the best coverage.

The new Jurassic Park movie has some neat stuff if you love dinos, including plush. I'm not a huge fan of these designs, but a couple stand out.

I'm super behind on Pokemon and don't even know most of the new characters, but I know a cute plush when I see it. Highlights here for me are Mimikyu and Marshadow (never seen him before but he's cute).

I am not a fan of Hotel Transylvania, because it follows one of my most despised stereotypes: pairing a hot goth girl with some epic doofus. I love Mavis's design, so I have a plush of her from a claw machine, and I'm definitely interested in some of these toys. I just refuse to see any more of the movies. Although the animated looks like it's a younger her, so that's better anyway. Scroll most of the way down for the three dolls, which I will need at least the middle one of, if not more.

Funko has WAY too many styles nowadays. But...Sailor Moon! Those are supper adorable, like the Disney Princess blind boxes they did. And you can bet two of the characters I really like, Pluto and Saturn, will be insanely hard to find. At least I should be able to get Mars. No Tuxedo Mask though? Come on!

The good news? More awesome female figures in Marvel Legends! The bad news? Price is jumping to $23 each. Ugggggh. The big highlight here for me is DOMINO. I adore Domino and her look in the Deadpool 2 movie is so not her. She looks more like Misty Knight and then they sexed-up her outfit while Dom typically stays more covered. I don't like that they humanized her when she's supposed to be a chalk white mutant. I've always loved her design so making her human-passing plus looking like another Marvel character is annoying. But to make up for it, they're giving me a proper comic book Domino action figure. Thank you, Legends. Other highlights: a badass Proxima Midnight, a stunning Songbird, mohawk Storm (I feel like we had her already. Did we?) and the always fab Psylocke. (Psylocke, Rogue and Domino were very early faves of mine, so I'm picky about how they're treated.)

That's it for the actual blog, but on Idle Hands' Flickr, there's much more!
Some of it is repeats from the blog, but there's also: Wreck-It Ralph and Moana plush, Pusheen, Peter Rabbit, Jim Shore, James Bond, Doctor Who, Tokidoki, Peanuts, Garfield and other Aurora plush, and a few other things.

I'm curious to see what Toy Fair brings this year, because there are definite gaps in the current playline where a new line could slip in and succeed.

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  1. Man, that Jurassic World stuff takes me back. I used to be all over those skeleton models. I might be tempted to get a few.
    And is that a Mosasaurus plush? WANT!