Thursday, February 8, 2018

REVIEW: Lil Shoppies Crystal Snow

I had some really good luck visiting the farther stores today. No super special rares, but I did find Crystal Snow, who was my most wanted from this new set.

I'm not sure why Moose thinks snow is purple. They did this with Fria Froyo, too. I honestly don't mind the change from blue, but I would have loved a full-size Shoppie of Crystal and I doubt that will happen since Fria is pretty close. Crystal's darker-skinned though, so maybe?

I do love her colors.

She has snowflakes molded into her hair that aren't painted.

She comes with a stand, but can also wear her skis.

The skis have a peg like the stand, so she's not just standing on them, she's attached to them.

She's awesome!


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