Monday, August 7, 2017

REVIEW: Project MC2 Masquerade Camryn

I was so thrilled when Camryn finally came in stock on Amazon! When I first saw photos of this line, I knew she and Ember were going to be my faves, and I was so right. I couldn't figure out why she wasn't in stock yet, when McKeyla, Adrienne and Ember had popped up on Amazon and Bryden was on

I really hope to see more lines like Masquerade in the future for MC2. This is by far their best line yet.

Camryn has traded her auburn hair for a  bold white. It's nice silky quality in a simple ponytail.

Her dress is a wild array of prints in oceany colors and black. Perhaps she's a water dragon?

But then her earrings are a golden crescent moon in her right ear and a golden star in her left. So who knows?

Her belt is amazing and I want one for myself.

The molding on the gloves is also very intricate and lovely. Never have I liked molded gloves so much! (Not that I have an issue with them in the first place.)

Gorgeous shoes.

One of the reasons Cam is so great for me is that she's a nice grasp of girl and edgy. The design and colors of the dress and the colors of the wings are a bit more girly, but then there's the black in the dress, the black gloves, the shoes and the belt that take the outfit to a new level.

From the back, everything is a bit dull, but still certainly not bad.

My Camryn's wings don't stay in nearly as well as Ember's. They're attached in the same thick peg manner, but their heaviness makes them a bit less sturdy.

Cam wears bright pink lipstick and eyeshadow in blue, dark purple, pink and pearlescent shades.

Her mask is what I like least about her. I thought the black dominated McKeyla too much, while the white of Camryn's now isn't bold enough for her look. They should have swapped. Even the pointy elements on McKeyla's suit Cam's look better. I'll have to switch the two and take a picture.

I definitely recommend adding Camryn to your collection. Even if you don't collect MC2, she's a splendid doll on her own, as are Ember and McKeyla.

Tomorrow, Bryden should arrive, but if she doesn't make it here significantly before I go to work, her review may have to wait until later on Wednesday.


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