Friday, August 18, 2017

RANKING: All of my Zelfs!

I've done rankings for things before, but this is the largest one I've ever tackled. I wanted to rearrange my Zelfs figures, so I got them all out and decided to rank every single one. Previously, I've left out the large-sized ones and duplicate characters, but not this time!

These are arranged in the photos with the lowest being on the right end and moving toward the left end, which is the highest in the picture. So from right to left. They're arranged in groups of ten, so let's start.

Lowest ranked on the right: Wishbeam, then Flitterbelle, Butterluv, Buddykins, Teeny Genie, Bubblee, Harmonie, Miss Tutu, Frostette and Laylani. A lot of these have been permanently in the bottom. Flitterbelle dropped a lot since last time. I think I had the New Zelfs goggles on at the time, because she's really kind of a mess.

Next from right to left: So-Anne (large), E-Vett, Coco, Angelala (large), Buttershy (original), Buttershy (scented), Vampula (original), Vampula (scented), Pega-Sue (original), Billy.

The original pink gang and their scented counterparts really aren't that bad, but the best versions of them are the Masquerade ones, so these look worse in comparison.

So-Anne would have been higher if not for the pink. I always thought that looked weird.

Right to left: Zebbie, Cindy Moo, Lullaby, Wizzkas, Lil D (large), Finley, Ribbita, Mermalade (original), Tressa, Flamy (original).

Zebbie dropped a lot since last time. I don't know why I dislike him so much, but I do. Same with the cow. She's pretty cute, but she never ranks high. Finley has a really cute face, but I think a bit too much going on.

Right to left: Mermalade (scented), Mermalade (large), Frankenzelf, Swanda, Polly Roger, Flitter (scented), Bellafly, Cupie (original), So-Anne (crystal), and Baabara.

Large Mermalade is one of those weird ones where I like the large better than the medium size. I do like the Masquerade one, which is medium, best though. Bellafly climbed a lot since last time. She's quite cute.

Right to left: Angelala (original), Fairy-Bloom, Royal P, Dandy-lion (original), Hightail (original, large), Dandy-lion (large), Marsha, Dorothy-doe (large) and Sheldon.

Angelala might have had a higher spot if I had her crystal version, but I never got it. Dandy-lion's another of those I prefer the large.

Right to left: Elfa (scented), Miss Clover, Manny, Sealia, Roberta, Rainglow, Cheffrey, Lil D (original), Catsby (original), Catsby (large).

Catsby's cute in both sizes, but I like the glow blue better. Cheffrey is really cute, but he's got stiff competition. Rainglow seems like he should be higher, but I struggle with the bird Zelfs a lot, because they never have beaks. And Roberta would have been higher if she'd not been pink!

Right to left: Spellinda (scented), Talleen, Dorothy-doe, Sheldon (prototype), Sugar Bunny, Moonicorn, Pearleen, Cyril, Daisy May, Candy Lou.

I just realized I left out Masquerade Spellinda! She lives by my computer and I totally forgot her. Dangit. I hate when I put a lot of work into a project and then realize I forgot something. Well, I'm not reshooting any pics, so I'll just mention her where she would have fit in.

The Sheldon here is a prototype from China. If you look at him in the box, these are his original colors, which are far superior. Sugar Bunny was a sleeper for me. Did not expect to love him, but I do. I should get his crystal version someday. And Candy Lou I just hated when these released and it took me probably a couple years to finally cave and buy her. I have her mini one and love it, so I ended up with the medium size.

Right to left: Chi, Snowphie, Flamy (masquerade), Buttershy (masquerade), Vampula (masquerade), Royal Tia, Mermalade (masquerade), Pega Sue (masquerade), Joy Drop and Shimma.

Royal Tia couldn't decide where to go so I plopped her right in the middle. I love my masquerade set. I just hate that the two earliest lines are leaking hard glue from around their eyes! Ugh! It ruins some of the best ones.

Right to left: Beetrice, Rose-anne, Lochlan, Artie, Miss Terri, Cupie (crystal), Pretty Kit, Owlmanda, Pandela, Bella Blossom.

I like Miss Terri and Cupie a lot more than I expected. Both are adorable. And Pretty Kit is probably the biggest sleeper of the entire line for me, because I never expected to love the pink princess cat, but I do! Bella Blossom is also like that. Much prettier than I expected.

Right to left: Owlmanda, Ditty Dot, Angel Hop, Koolah, Jewely, Deeno, Flittabell, Flare, Oceana, Lilly-goat.

Lilly-goat kept moving around this line up until she finally made it to the highest ranked spot. Her colors are just awesome and so is her detail. Oceana is awesome, too, though and Lilly only won because her coloring is more unusual. Flittabell is another I love more than I expected.

We're getting into tough choices land now.

Right to left: Snowflake, Webina, Flitter (large), Snapjack, Chocolaa, Spellinda (large), Starkle, Moona, Flitter (original), Howlette.

Snowflake is so awesome, but I always call him Snowbunny. Flitter edged out Webina by a hair. I just love both of these Flitters. Snapjack is very plain, but also great. I always have him up higher than I expect to.

I think I'd put Masquerade Spellinda right below large Spellinda.

Right to left: Magicella, Lady B (large), Talon, Lochlan, Birchy, Frostelle, Tyfoon, Float, Lady B (original), Hightail (crystal).

Lochlan is another where I like his large better. It's the glow coloring again. Frostelle moved around a lot and ended up higher than I originally had him. His detail is amazing. Hightail is one I thought the large was too busy, but he's fantastic as a medium and I think it's his hooves.

Right to left: Mary-go-round, Reindoe, Galexia, Lunanne, Webina, Noodles, Dolly, Peek-a-boo, Ooma, Smoothie.

Definitely some hard choices here! Reindoe was much higher before, but the weird lines around her mouth brought her down. Lunanne is forever a fave. And we're getting into the ones I seriously adore, because this feels too low for the first four on the left, but competition is that stiff.

Right to left: Spellinda, Garny, Elfa, Stardust, Noodles (crystal), Batrina, Sneak-a-boo, Snowanne, Poperpup, Petal.

Elfa, Garny and Spellinda are my 3 original faves, so they're really there thanks to nostalgia and not design. Stardust I adore! Ah, I just love all these.

Last photo! The top eight!

Right to left: Moon-Flight, Tiki, Cleocat, Sketalia, Howlie, Skylanna, Gar-girl, Kitsu.

Howlie was originally my #2 and Gar-girl was down at #7, but I really love her and she's climbed a lot. Every one of these is completely stellar.

Whew! That is it! 148 Zelfs ranked. 149 if you count poor Masquerade Spellinda that I forgot. And now I feel pressured to make it an even 150. I should look for crystal Sugar Bunny...

PHOTO CREDITS: Mine, of course.

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