Friday, August 4, 2017

REVIEW: Monster High De Nile Family

Thankfully, Target put these on their website, because my store does not have them. We don't even have the Lagoona and Clawdeen multipacks yet.

Poor Lux's head was turned sideways in the box, but everyone is mostly okay. Okay enough to debox!

The De Nile additions to the Family line seem to be Target exclusives. Cleo got the bonus of having actual arm articulation, unlike Clawdeen and Lagoona.

The Cleo doll is all right. I like her a little more made up. Her hair is very plain and so is her makeup, but she looks fine for a night of babysitting.

Her eyes are placed a little high, but I'm not invested in the doll, so I don't care.

The set's accessories are drinks for everyone. Cleo gets a regular cup, Lux has a juice box and Sandy a bottle. There's also a little blue blanket or towel or some sort of fabric rectangle.

Poor little Sandy is much-hated by the fandom. He is pretty out there, but I find him amusing more than hate-worthy. I wish they'd gone with red or blue for his onesie and not purple. I don't know how purple got thrown in with Cleo's color scheme, but it's not very Egyptian.

Lux is 100% the reason I shelled out for this set. I adore him. He's got the cutest little face and spiky hair! I don't mind the purple as much in the hair. And his face gem is a pyramid. Cute!

I love the more fully mummified bodies.

My only issue really is the names. Sandy and Pharrah (the single-packed sister that I'm probably going to have to overpay for on ebay) have delved into puns, which is disappointing when Cleo, Nefera and Ramses are all Egyptian or Greek names. Lux is Latin, which I guess is acceptable, but I would have preferred Egyptian or Greek. I guess Mattel really wanted to use Lux somewhere after Lux Ptolemy never became a thing.

I think this is a fun set and more worth the price than the other two. I do hope to get Pharrah and highchair Sandy without too much overpaying. Sigh!



  1. I don't get the Sandy hater either. I blame that poor quality picture that made the rounds before the actual release. This fandom can get so insta-judgy. Like, at least wait for some decent quality images....

  2. I thought Sandy was a girl. It's usually a female name, and the doll is wearing purple, but it's pretty ambiguous with the headdress.
    Lux is probably based on the city of Luxor. I don't mind the pun names as much because there's only so many recognizable Egyptian names that you can update for a younger age.
    I think Lux is just like a de Nile boy should be. Regal and cool but still welcoming.

    1. With the nemes on, I'd call Sandy a boy. It's a pharaoh's headdress, so not typically worn by the women. If any female De Nile was going to wear it, it would be Nefera.

      Hmm, maybe Lux is short for that, but it's also Latin for light.

      I disagree about the names though. If they can learn Nefera, they can learn others. There are loads of Egyptian names that are plenty easy. I'm an Egyptologist, so yeah, I kinda know.