Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Lots of reviews this month, so bear through the repeat photos!

I started the month off with an older doll. I'd been meaning to pick this Silvermist up for ages, but only finally got around to it and she arrived July 1st. These dolls always make me mourn what never got made, especially VIDIA, Fawn and Iridessa. 

Also on the 1st, I did a Barbie review. Like whaaaaaaaaat? I never do Barbie reviews, but I was very smitten with this girl and still am. I honestly can't remember if I've ever had a Barbie grace the coffee table where I keep the dolls I want to look at often, but she's been there all month.  

They keep doing Barbies like this, I'll keep buying them!

Enchantimals got a straggler that arrived on the 12th. 

Karina Koala never showed in my Toys R Us, although she could be there now, as we have a new Enchantimals display in the feature shop. 

I ordered her from Amazon, expecting to be mehed by her and plop her with the bunnies, but I actually fell for her and she's one of my faves. Weird how that works sometimes. I just need to get the panda now and I'm waiting for some coupons first. 

Shoppies JUST KEEP COMING. Moose needs to locate some chill. I bought Marsha Mello and Pippa Melon off Target.com and now they're actually quite accessible. I've seen them in Target and Toys R Us. Good on you, stores, for getting something out in a timely fashion. Although you still fail because we never got Pia Puzzle, Macy Macaron and Fria Froyo. I only have them thanks to a helpful friend and I totally need to take pics, because I don't think I ever did. 

I got the amazing Hawkgirl action figure from Amazon and despite overpaying, I adore her. She was worth overpaying. 

I do hope they lay off that though. I don't need to spend almost as much on every new figure release as I do on the regular action dolls. 

The Monster High Family little sisters graced the not-at-all-local Walmart and I am still surprised how much I love Fangelica. She's had coffee table space since I got her. 

I hope the other Family sets catch up soon. I have yet to see any.

My mom got me my first (and likely one of very, very few if I ever get another) Hot Toys doll: Scarlet Witch in her Age of Ultron outfit. I don't know exactly why I love this character so much, but I do, and this is the outfit I wanted. 

Wanda is an early birthday present and I'm very pleased with her. The quality is mind-blowing. 

These two very angry stuffed animals hang out on one of my book piles on the coffee table. 

They are very appropriate because this was the time of the month when SDCC happened and every single Monster High and DC Superhero Girls reveal was met by the wahmbulance. 


Garden Ghouls are perfect. 

I smile at my little flying display of them every day.

I haven't been able to order the big Hot Topic/Build-a-Bear collaboration yet, but this little one will do for now. 

I just love this idea. It's kinda insane, but it works. 

I've had a recent windfall in new stuff over the past few days. 

First, the Blackfire set. And Star Wars: Forces of Destiny. 

I still have not watched the first newer SW movie. 

I will, I will, I swear!

Maybe Wednesday night I'll have some extra time. 

I'm fairly certain Rey's gonna whomp me with her stick if I don't. 

Then came the arrival of the three Cleo/Ghoulia sets that I had no shortage of frustrations ordering from Mattel Shop. 

Despite having to choose from three flawed Cleos, this set is still so good that I filed the pictures in my Monster High 2010-2016 album, NOT the 2016-present one. It deserves to be with the rest of the SDCC photos. 

I did finally hear back from Mattel though and they sent me a prepaid label to return the most flawed set, so that worked out at least. 

And then it was bear time!

Charlie Bears started releasing the 2017 collection back in March. Possibly even February. I can't remember the date on the initial shipment of them.

We Americans have gotten our own warehouse (Cubhouse) now, but it took so long to set up, that we only just now got our first 2017 bears. In late July after we watched for months as the UK and Australia got release after release. 

It was not a good time, believe you me. It didn't help that we were left in the dark as to what was happening for months. 

But finally, that first shipment made it to our stockists and we got to choose our pre-ordered bears. 

Trudy, the wild-haired gray girl up there was my most anticipated pre-order. She doesn't quite have the elegant dark "makeup" the promo bear did, but she's close. Her arms, legs and ears are incredibly soft, which makes her good to cuddle.

Twig the orangutan is super adorable, but ended up being a bit smaller than I pictured in my head. He's still excellent, but not quite as good for snuggles. 

That face though!

Snagged two of the new single-packed Happy Places Li'l Shoppies just a few days ago. No sign of the bigger sets with the better-designed characters just yet. 

TRU does have the school, but I don't want it. It's really cute, but I just can't!

Then on Friday, we celebrated Descendants Day with the biggest mass deboxing I've had in a long time!

That was fun. 

Still want some more dolls from this movie, Hasbro. And I'm talking Harry and Dizzy here, not fifty Evies and Mals. 

And finally, squeaking in the last day of the month, Ember and McKeyla, who you saw earlier.

I do have Kuu Kuu Harajuku Music, who arrived on Sunday, but I'm not 100% satisfied with her eyes, so I haven't deboxed her yet. I have two on backorder from Mattel Shop, so I think I'll wait for those and see which one is best, even though they're not supposed to come in stock until the end of the month. We'll see!

I also got American Girl Addy at last and a cool new ragdoll from a favorite artist, but I haven't photographed those. They'll give me something to pad out August's Month in Review, since I'll have less fun money to spend this month. 

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