Friday, August 11, 2017

REVIEW: DC Superhero Girls SDCC 2017 Exclusive

I got my set from an awesome friend and it arrived today! I've been looking forward to this since we first saw the pictures.

The packaging on this thing is fantastic, but as I started taking pics, my battery died, so I decided to get this shot here to the left and then debox while the battery charged. It's not like you guys haven't seen the packaging anyway!

Cheetah wanted to be free and would not wait any longer.

Except I made her wait, because I deboxed Wondy first.

This doll is basically a slightly amped up Themyscira Wonder Woman. Same outfit design, same shoes, belt, shoulder piece, bracelets. The materials are a bit better quality and she has that excellent cape.

I like the actual fabric lasso because there's a lot of fun possibility there, and the little shield is cute. I'm not an expert in ancient Greek shields, but I think they were bigger than this. However, this is Wonder Woman. She stops bullets with her bracelets. How big a shield does she really need if she's used to deflecting with something much smaller?

Wondy's hair is nice, although I prefer the style of the Themyscira doll.

What makes her amazing though is her side glance. She is so freakin' CUTE. Sometimes I love a cartoony expression and this works really well for her, especially because we're so used to DCSG being relatively unexpressive. Most of the dolls use the same headmold and have the same straight-on stare expression. Even Frost, whose lack of any sort of snarky expression I still lament.

So yeah, this may be just another Wondy in a sea of Wondys and we've already sort of got this outfit, but we do not have a side glance and that is well worth the cost of this set.

Now onto Miss Cheetah. First of all, she is a PAIN to photograph. I struggle with not getting glare on the eyes of the regular dolls, but I really had a hard time with her. Her hair is also kind of all over, so sorry about the flyaways and such. I've had a long day at work and my perfectionist side is napping.

Cheetah is 99% the reason I bought this set. I've wanted her since the show started. She should have been released well before Starfire and Frost, for sure.

Definitely before Blackfire.

Cheetah was the original antagonist at the school, although now that role seems to rotate between the actual villains and some of the not so nice girls like Cheetah, Frost, Catwoman and Star Sapphire.

Cheetah's expression firmly conveys that she is fully capable of being up to no good. I love that we finally get a character that looks sassy! Only now she makes Frost look even more bland, poor thing.

She wears a running outfit and a jacket, along with two gold bracelets and her sneakers.

I did not take a photo of it, but her right ear does not have a notch out of it like the left one does.

I'm so happy to finally see another headmold in this line! So happy.

I actually prefer how Cheetah looks with her jacket off. It shows off her arm muscles better and she looks like she could just beat the pants off you in a race. 

Cheetah comes with a little cell phone, which makes sense, because she had Batgirl fix it at least once. Unfortunately, it doesn't stay in either hand very well. But the left one manages better than the right. 

I think Cheetah is a great addition to DCSG because I love having a bit more spice on the shelf. I promptly stood her next to Frost so they can do Mean Girl things. Just being next to Cheetah makes Frost look a little more like herself. 

I think this set is very well-worth the price and I don't think it's too overpriced on the ebay market, so it's even worth that higher cost. 

But if you want to wait, Cheetah will be out in regular $19.99 signature doll form later this year. I'm eagerly awaiting that one, too, because I also love her looking straight ahead. 


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