Friday, December 2, 2016

REVIEW: Spacepop Rhea

Rhea is my favorite Spacepop character. So of course, she was the only doll I received that was a little flawed. She's missing a little bit of paint on her bottom lip. I might upgrade once they hit stores, but I might not. I actually barely notice it.

Rhea is the one I took a shot of the whole back of the box for. If you can't read the profile and want to, let me know and I'll add it to this post.

Rhealetta Hemmings of the planet Rhealo is the only one of the princesses whose parents were not kidnapped. She lived in an orphanage until age five, when it was discovered that she had royal blood, so she has no real attachment to the royal family, who basically left her alone. Her pet is named Springle and she's the band's guitarist.

Witty, independent Rhea is the group's fashion designer. She's the one who crafted all the Spacepop outfits.

Rhea has pale blue skin with masses of freckles all across her cheeks. She has two shades of blue in her hair, blue eyes with white polka dots, blue eyeshadow with a darker blue line up higher, hot pink lipstick and hot pink liner on her lower lids.

Her outfit is a lighter blue jumpsuit with jagged pinstriped layers all over it. I don't know enough about fashion terms to describe it any better, but it's fantastic!

It's all one piece, so those cutout sleeves won't be sliding off and getting lost.

The outfit is like Rhea herself: mostly blue with pops of pink. The belt is a deep blue.

Rhea wears an adorable hat, which is on a headband. It's a bit top heavy and likes to fall off, especially since the character wears it lower on her head.

Rhea's face has an almost melancholy look to it that I think it is a nice hint at her not so pampered past.

Her hair, like all the others', is nylon. It's not the best hair, but it's not the worst either. Maybe companies have finally stopped using that really super bad nylon.

My biggest complaint about Rhea is that they didn't even try to do her boots right. She has a complicated garter belt thing going on, so I don't blame them for not doing that, but they could have given her a calf-high navy boot with painted on pink details and molded on straps that she could have worn over striped thigh highs. Instead, she's the only doll with painted on clothing. Her stockings have become socks and are painted on with the pointed part of the tall boot looking like it's part of the sock. Then she wears little blue heels like three of the other girls do. It's disappointing, considering I know Madame Alexander can do better than that.

Even with that issue though, she's one of my favorites, because she's my fave character, has an expressive unique face, and has the best outfit.


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