Thursday, December 29, 2016

COLLECTION IN DEPTH: Charlie Bears Part 2

I'm pretty firmly back into Charlie Bears right now. I even listed some of my Disney collection on ebay in hopes of making extra money to adopt more bears!

So I figured I'd take a moment to show off my new arrivals.

Kekezza I always liked, but never had a formal pre-order for, so she arrived at my stockist without my knowing. There was one left and I asked about arranging a layaway, but that one had just sold. There were three more coming in though, so I was able to get first pick and agreed to pay for her on a certain date instead of doing layaway.

Then I sold one of my big ticket items on ebay, so I was able to pay for Kekezza earlier than planned.

Kekezza is like none of the other bears I already own. She has long fur on her torso and head and shorter plush on her arms and legs. She's really lovely and it's fun to style her fur! Her key necklace is beautiful, too.

The next day, my stockist wrote and said that Pepper Pot, one of my last two pre-orders, had come in. I had six to choose from, but I was second in line, so I had to wait for the other customer to pick first. I saw one that quickly became my first choice, but then there was another that was very different from the others. He had much wider eyes. The first customer didn't choose either of those, so I debated for awhile and even asked for a photo of them next to each other.

Pepper Pot
I ended up picking the more unusual bear and I regret nothing. He's so cute! His fur is very soft and a nice, thick, mottled plush. I had originally thought the brown ruff tied on, but that's actually part of him and it's just the gold cord that's separate. I also love his brown paws. Charlie Bears typically have a suede-type material on their paws, so the use of plush is good for a change.

When she told me about Pepper Pot, my stockist also mentioned that he would be my tenth full-priced bear order, so I could pick a free one. She has a great loyalty program where you earn 10% of each purchase that adds up toward money you can put toward a bear after you make ten purchases. I had $85 to spend!

Tick Tock
Choosing my free bear was easy though, because I'd had my eye on Tick Tock for months. I missed out on him when he was lower-priced because when she got down to one left in stock, he went back to full price. I kept a close eye on that one remaining bear and thankfully, he was waiting for me! 

I'm super happy with him. He's a gorgeous darker gray with navy and magenta. He shares the latter two colors with Oodles, one of my big favorites, so they sit together on the shelf. I really like Tick Tock's necklace, too. I take the necklaces off a lot, but his is staying on unless he's getting cuddled.

I had another recent arrival, which was Tango from the Kaycee Bears line. You can see him here on the right.

I was selling my Saskia from that line, but changed my mind recently. Tango is a gorgeous orange-red and I'm very happy with him. He, Pumpkin Pie and Pepper Pot all fit very nicely together on their shelf. Dipsy does, too, with his orange nose. You can see here how small Pepper Pot is!

So yes, I'm hoping to earn some extra money for more bear adoptions. I've got my eye on a certain two from my stockist and there are a couple on ebay as well that will have to be imported. I also have Smudge coming from the UK. I finally found the perfect one! Definitely expect more bear pictures here and hopefully soon!


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