Tuesday, December 27, 2016

REVIEW: Ever After High Archery Club Bunny Blanc

I've got a couple quickie reviews tonight.

First up is Bunny Blanc from the Ever After High Archery Club line.

I wasn't really a fan of the first Bunny. She had those horrible eyes that were never good. Every Bunny doll I have ever seen has at least one wandering eye. So when she was slapped into the Archery Club, I didn't really pay attention.

Then I realized she's got a new face!

The new Bunny face is a vast improvement on the original. I know a lot of people have problems with the new EAH molds, which I'll never understand, because smiling is fine and more variety is VERY much fine. But in Bunny's case, I don't think there's even a logical argument against this new mold, because now she doesn't have wonky eyes!

Sure, you could complain about the lack of knee and wrist articulation or the molded legs, but just pop her head off and put it on your other Bunny body then.

They did such a great job on her face. This is the adorable Bunny from the webisodes right here.

And say what you want about the budget lines, but Archery Club has some gorgeous pieces. Her torso armor piece is so intricate and lovely, and her shoes are really pretty, too.

I love these springy colors for her. She looks great. The little minidress is just the right pop of green to go with all that pink.

Like Rosabella, who I reviewed before, Bunny does not have wrist or knee joints. With Rosabella, it still worked okay, but Bunny suffers from a slightly bent left arm.

So she can't hold her bow and arrow as nicely as Rosabella did. It falls off a lot. I put her on display tonight and I ended up just shoving the bow and arrow under her arm, because she just will not hold it.

Bunny also came with helmet hair, which thankfully just needs a little rinse with warm water. I've actually had her since Christmas Eve, when I popped into Target after work and was surprised to see new toys out, and I shot all these pictures the day I got her, but then waited for her hair to dry after salon time. And ended up waiting and waiting, because I got into the busy part of my week. But I finally took that photo tonight and you can see how well Bunny cleans up.

Gel-free! I'll have to trim the strays later.
I definitely recommend Bunny to other EAH collectors. Even if you're not a fan of the changes, she's worth the purchase just to have this new head. She is massively adorable now and I love her.


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