Thursday, December 15, 2016

REVIEW: Disney Attractionistas Holly

I had thought the Disney Attractionistas were over, but Disney Store surprised me and put up two new ones. I didn't buy them right away, choosing to wait for a sale instead, but they kept disappearing and reappearing on the site, so when they had a sale on Moana products and free shipping recently, I bought Holly along with my Animators Collection plush Moana.

Holly's attraction is the Hollywood Tower Hotel.

Holly is a grayscale doll with a lovely short, retro hairdo. Her hair is stiff, which it has to be to maintain that style. She shares a headmold with Maddie, which means she has the same awesome nose.

Her outfit is in color and a lovely hotel-themed uniform. It is a one-piece dress, though it looks like a suit. Her gloves are mitten style, which I usually hate, but it works for her. Her boots have nice detailing.

Holly's accessories include a cap to match her uniform, a film reel purse, and her pet owl, Terra. The cap, like all the hats from this line, is quite heavy, but it does stay on her head well if you mush it down a bit. I prefer it propped a bit up higher, so I placed her where I wanted her on display and then plunked it on her head.

Terra is adorable. The pets from this line are really very well done.

I think Holly is an excellent addition to the Attractionistas and I hope they restock Briar, the other newbie, soon. I won't bother waiting for a sale! I'm getting her as soon as I see her.


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