Friday, December 2, 2016

REVIEW: Spacepop Hera

Last but certainly not least is Hera. My mom loves her!

Herazanna Appleby of Heralda is the sweet, gentle, nature-loving, meditating princess. She reminds me of Flora from Winx only with those characteristics amped up a lot. She plays bass in the band and her pet's name is Roxie.

The Hera doll isn't the easiest to photograph. She has pale pink skin, though it looks almost a natural tone in some photos.

Hera has the most amazing head of black hair. This is the best curly hair I've seen in a long time that was looser curls, but also really full.

Hera has gray eyes with white and dark pink polka dots. Her eyeshadow is a matching dark pink and her lipstick is a shade or two darker than that. She has neon green liner on her lower lids.

Hera and Rhea are the only two characters with some sort of headpiece. Thea has her hat, while Hera has a green ribbon headband. This is just tied around her head, not held down with anything except her massive curls.

Hera's dress is a nice dark raspberry pink with bell sleeves. It's pink mesh with golden polka dots along the top and there's a small cutout on her chest that I love. The waist and sleeves have lime green ribbon detailing for nice pops of a bright color. She wears stockings that match the mesh of her dress, and dark pink and lime green heels.


Hera's pet Roxie is hands down my favorite. She's the only one to have a unique mold and that mold is adorable! Her black and darker pink designs on her front are also repeated on her back.

Here's a shot of all the pets for comparison.

And here are all the matching pairs of shoes in the line. This is really my only major complaint. They could have done so much better on the shoes! They nailed Juno's, so why stop there?

I really love this line overall. I think the quality is there. The hair may not be the best material, but it's not awful. The outfit quality is excellent, though some pieces are simpler than others. The headmolds are all the same, but there's no way anyone's going to not be able to tell these girls apart. They don't even look that much alike to me, even with the same molds. The bodies are pretty and the poseability is mostly there.

With some more work on the shoes, some new molds for future pets, and an accessory pack of instruments (perhaps with a fashion?), Spacepop will be good to go.  

The thing I most love about them is that they're unique. They have a lot of elements that other dolls do, like similar style bodies and unusual skintones, but they don't look exactly like those dolls. No one else in my collection looks like Juno or Rhea or even Luna. I've been wanting something new to add to my shelves and these girls are the perfect fit.


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  1. I like her curly hair, and her color scheme makes me think of berries :)